'Hest Hogs' have been helping hedgehogs in Lancaster

A dedicated hedgehog group in Lancaster was featured in a newsletter by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) for Hedgehog Awareness week.

‘Hest Hogs’ in Lancaster was set up during the first lockdown by Moira Hallam after she sadly spotted three dead hedgehogs on a road in her village.

Moira delivered flyers and fundraised for ‘Slow Down Hedgehog’ signs to be put in private gardens along the main road.

Gathering more and more helpers, the group discovered a hedgehog carer in the village, Rowan, who has looked after after sick hogs for 30 years.

Hedgehog gets ready to hibernate. Photo by Shutterstock/Coatesy.

Annie, one of their many talented members painted a hedgehog watercolour which raised £180 from an online auction.

This bought Rowan new windows and insulation for her shed (hogs-pital!).

Hest Hogs has lots of plans in the pipeline, including talking to local estate agents and developers about new homes, as well as working with local schools and garden centres to raise awareness.

Moira said: “A few group members met physically for the first time in my garden recently.

"I was a bit daunted when I took the first step but it is so encouraging to have Annie, Stella and Janet to keep the momentum going and spreading the word.

"In these Covid times hedgehogs bring a bit of joy into life and people are relieved to talk about something other than the pandemic!

"I’ve even become known as 'The Hedgehog Lady'!”

Hedgehog Awareness week runs until May 8 and the initiative was set up by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) as an annual event.

It is a whole week dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of hedgehogs.

While celebrations will be mostly online this year, keep an eye on BHPS and PTES social media pages for competitions, tips, pictures and videos.

You can get involved too by sharing your stories and photos with the hashtag #HedgehogWeek.

Remember, if you have a sick, injured or orphaned hedgehog please call the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS)on 01584 890 801 or if non urgent email [email protected] - there is also a Frequently Asked Questions page on their website for more advice.