Here's what some Lancashire Post readers think about wearing masks in shops

With new regulations on wearing masks in shops due to come into effect in England on Friday, we asked readers what they think.

Thursday, 23rd July 2020, 3:45 pm

Here are a selection of your views:

It should of been done at the beginning. I've been wearing them on the bus. The amount of people who haven't amazes me.

Joanne Irving

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New laws about wearing masks in shops will come into effectin England on Friday. Photo credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.

Can’t see the point in wearing them in shops if you can go into a pub/restaurant without one!

Julie Desanti

They should be mandatory in every enclosed place, even if that means pubs/restaurants etc!

Chrysa Kal

I was in the house from early March; never went out. I started going out two weeks ago with a mask. So hot though and with being asthmatic I can't breathe but feel safer with it on!

Julie Preston

I've stayed in since lock-down began because I was pregnant. Going to hospital for appointments on a hot day, it was hard to breathe and I felt I could pass out but it feels safer and all I could think about were these amazing doctors and nurses who wear PPE for hours upon hours day after day and I was able to take my mask off after maybe an hour and breathe fresh air again. It's really not much to ask is it. We can all do our bit.

Kate Fenton

Far too late. If he [Prime Minister Boris Johnson] had brought them in in the beginning, it could of saved thousands of lives.

Wendy Anne Hargreaves

What about covering eyes also? As droplets can go in eyes. I thought visors would be better. Just a thought. Does anyone else feel this is like a bad nightmare we living in? During lock-down my husband was really poorly and admitted to hospital. They said it was pneumonia. I lost my mum in lock-down and didn’t get a chance to see her We are living in awful times. Stay safe everyone.

Loza Nana Tingley

It isn't clear how anyone thinks the Government is controlling us by saying we have to wear masks but it is the complete opposite of what controlling governments usually do. They usually ban the wearing of masks in public so people can be identified.

Janey Dee

Not looking forward to it because when masks cover your mouths, it's going be harder for deaf and hard of hearing people to know what has been said. Covering your mouth won't let us read your lips. We also won't be able to see your facial expressions properly. I do understand that we have to wear them to keep the virus away but this is going make deaf people feel depressed. Why didn't the Government say we have to have them on from the start of the coronavirus? Why nearly five months too late? I will wear my mask and also my badge saying "I'm DEAF. I can't lip read through masks."

The person who talks through the mask will need a pen and paper if they are talking to a deaf person. Also basic finger signs would be easier.

Jo Mackley

It is what it is, so people just need to stop moaning like a bunch of three-year-old brats. I'm ready! Got the regular blue ones but I've also ordered some fun ones to put over the top of them. I'm just going to have a bit of fun with it.

Kirsty Bob

Not happy with it. Not happy to be fined either so I will be wearing one. I'm lucky in a way. I'm retired so I only go out when I need to, whereas before I made sure I went out daily, not just for exercise but to see others. Isolation brought me to my knees. On the other hand, hubby is not a social person so he has been mostly OK. He had the odd wobble but not like me.

Julie Boucher

Good luck trying to get them to wear them in shops because they don't like wearing them on public transport. Poor idea, way too late; no sense in it at all.

Paul Topping

I’ve been wearing them anyway, so it's not a big deal. They aren’t pleasant but neither is Covid-19.

Jenny Burton

I won't be going out to shops, only because I can't stand them [the masks]. I panic with them on. Hats off to all who have worn them since day one.

Laura Wareing

If it’s a means to an end to get back to some sort of normality, so be it. But I can guarantee you will still get the selfish idiots who are arrogant enough to ignore the guidelines. Always have and always will!

Paul Stables

Didn't need one in the beginning, didn't need one for 10 days after their announcement so it obviously can't be that important for safety. I will wear a mask under protest and will do essential shopping only, so the other businesses that have recently re-opened and to whom I have taken my custom will now be loosing my custom until normal service resumes.

Mark Reid