Here is how to volunteer to be a first aider with Chorley's Angels

Community first aid group Chorley’s Angels is looking for trainers and volunteers to join its team on a long term basis.

By Natalie Walker
Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 4:54 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th June 2019, 5:54 pm
Chorley's Angels
Chorley's Angels

The not for profit organisation, which provides first aid training and cover at local events, is particularly after people of working and retirement age who will remain committed to the group.

David Forrest, secretary, said: “Chorley’s Angels accommodates members from 16 years old upwards and they will be awarded a nationally recognised certificate which they can take forward into employment or further education.

“We have developed working relationships with local colleges and developed links within the NHS directly, working in partnership with North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) to provide defibrillator training to schools, organisations and community groups as needed.

“Whilst the young people are great and are providing vital life-saving skills, the truth is that we have them for two years and then they move to university and the next phase of their life.

“This is why we are asking if there is anybody out there, possibly a veteran of the forces, a retired nurse, fireman, paramedic even a member of the public who has been a first aider at work and feels they have some time on their hands and something still to give. “This would give our group a bit more stability going forward.

“Chorley’s Angels has been formed to ensure our community has access to quality first aid cover and recognised training to the highest level.

“First aid cover is provided for summer fetes, pantomimes, council events and community days. We have been very successful with our service delivery that demand is so high, we are turning down events on a weekly basis. Whilst this should not be a problem, without first aid cover an event cannot go ahead and it is upsetting when we cannot help out.”

To join call David on 07713 159158 or email [email protected]