Here is how Titan Strength Academy in Preston can help improve your mindset and help tackle depression

Titan Strength Academy, based in Marsh Lane Business Centre, Preston, offers mindset and motivational thinking, alongside physical training.
Daniel McKeown, Andrew Forster and Tiarnan Carlin at Titan Strength AcademyDaniel McKeown, Andrew Forster and Tiarnan Carlin at Titan Strength Academy
Daniel McKeown, Andrew Forster and Tiarnan Carlin at Titan Strength Academy

Run by Tiarnan Carlin, Roy Eastham and Nathan Jones, the centre has a 12-week course, consisting of two mandatory mindset workshops a week, starting at 6am, and two to three physical training sessions a week.Groups consist of up to six people in one session, providing maximum potential for one-to-one coaching.Once a member has completed the course, there are options to continue both the physical training and mindset sessions.Tiarnan, 28, says: “One of the main drivers for me was that fact I used to do martial arts and I hurt my back, which put me out of the sport for a year. That gap helped me become aware of the effect it had on my mindset. But it wasn’t anything physical or nutrition that was letting people down. It is almost down to someone’s perception and belief about themselves that stops their journey.

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“Titan Strength was designed to be a strength gym but it soon became more of a passion to help people in situations like Andrew. We do believe it is reversible.“There is too much focus on what is wrong, rather than what is right. If we focus too much on the illness, that is the only thing that will grow. So we need to focus on developing as a person positively.“So we set up two mandatory mindset sessions a week.“Habit formation is a collection of habits and it is not always conscious. People jump to the same thought process in stressful environments and they react the same way.“When you have a habit, it is easy to stack more on and it manifests in a negative way, but you can use it in a positive way.“We look at visualisation, affirmations and reassessments.“We get people to write down three to five things every day that made them feel good and then the same for bad.“Over time, it gets harder to list the things that made them feel bad.“Once you’ve made a conscious act to write these things down, your subconscious is stopping things that make you feel bad. You recognise that you don’t want to do that anymore.”Tiarnan says the two aspects of the gym work really well together: “Routine equals results. One of the things you need to have for a healthy mind is a productive and healthy body.“Training helps promote a strong and healthy body that can deal with stresses that come with life so you don’t crumble.“We have no fancy machinery but we have a specialist team to offer one on one coaching. We are a small unit but we focus on quality.”Titan Strength Academy’s current course ends in three weeks, with another starting in January. For more information, visit

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