Here are examples of the styling work for transgender women done by Makeover Girl Reinvent Yourself in Eccleston

Gill Springgay has been nominated in the Positive Role Model category at the National Diversity Awards 2019 for her work in styling and providing makeup for transgender women.
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Natasha, who nominated Gill for the award, says: “When I first went to Gill I was in my early days of coming out.“Now I am a full time post op woman and Gill was able to share so much wisdom and advice how I could project myself that even today I still use and take her words with me. “It was incredible how she showed me that my male face can be transformed so incredibly female.“I nominated Gill because many transgender women are in the early stages like I was once, and what Gill offers is the help and support for these transgender women to find their confidence and walking what is a very brave journey and helping their true inner woman reach the surface whatever their goals. “Gill makes peoples dreams become possible and empowers their lives.”

Gill now needs your votes to be shortlisted for the next stage of the National Diversity Awards 2019. To vote, visit closes May 31.