Fundraiser for four-year-old Chorley girl with brain tumour originally dismissed by doctors reaches £3,793

A four-year-old girl from Chorley who was due to start school is currently being treated for a brain tumour at Manchester's Children's Hospital.

By Emma Downey
Thursday, 25th November 2021, 4:23 pm

Indie Thomas, who was due to return to Duke Street Primary and was excited to be reunited with all her friends, has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Family friend Kim Everett decided to set up up a GoFundMe Page for Danielle Thomas, 27, after Danielle was forced with no other option than to quit her job to offer round the clock care for her daughter, while dad Danny Thomas, 32, works round the clock to provide for his family.

"I am fundraising to help them with household bills and we bought Indie an iPad to watch Disney on when she is having a blood transfusion.

Four-year-old Indie who her friends and family describe as a beautiful little girl.

"We have recently held at walk at Yarrow Valley and a boxing match to raise money and Duke Street Nursery is doing fundraising with a raffle."

She added: "Danielle is exhausted. It's every parent's nightmare. I've watched my Indie's parents fall apart at this news and have their worlds turned upside down in a matter of hours.

"It's heartbreaking. I am trying to take some of the financial worries away. I just wish I could do more.

"The aim is to raise £5,000 to help keep Indie as comfortable as possible and to help towards bills and Christmas presents and to travel to and from hospital so please help me in raising some funds for this little warrior princess."

Indie was diagnosed with a large low grade (slow growing) glioma brain tumour and severe hydrocephalus which is a build up of fluid on the brain. She was given an MRI at Royal Preston on Friday, September 3, then transferred straight to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital the same day.

Indie's mum Danielle said: "We spent 13 days in hospital where Indie was operated on to fit a shunt, port for chemo and take a biopsy.

"While there Indie began chemotherapy - this course is due to last until 2023. After that they will see how quickly the tumor begins to grow again and restart chemo.

"Having a low grade glioma is treated as a chronic illness rather than something that can be cured.

"Indie has lost most of her eye sight in the left eye and the right eye is deteriorating due to the tumor being on the optic nerve."

Worrying however, when Danielle first took Indie to the doctors when she was 14 months old, she says doctors dismissed her concerns.

"These symptoms were mild and progressively got worse.

"In the last few months before diagnosis Indie lost all of her balance so could barely walk, had severe headaches, lost sight, was vomiting, had trouble sleeping and mood swings.

"Myself and my husband took her to GPs and A&E numerous times where we were told she was fine and it was just a bug.

"We had to practically beg for an MRI.

"Since being under Royal Manchester Children's Hospital the care Indie has received has been excellent."

Doctors have said that Indie, who has a big sister in the form of eight-year-old Tallulah, could be attending hospital for weekly treatment for months.

She added: "My message to parents who have a feeling something isn't right is to follow your gut, you know your child better than any doctor."

Acting Head teacher & Specialist Lead in Education at Duke Street & Highfield Nursery School Louise Cheetham said: "Indie is an absolute joy! She instantly lights up a room. Indie is the funniest little girl- we call her our comedian as she is always looking to make people laugh! Indie loves being with adults and will chat to them about anything and everything- from daddy snoring in bed (sorry daddy!), to having lunch in 'Morrys' (Morrisons). Indie is such good company to be around!

"We were all absolutely devastated to hear of Indie's diagnosis and the utter horror story which this amazing family are going through. It is heartbreaking to watch Indie and her family go through so much pain and trauma knowing that this is going to continue for a long time."

Indie's family are an inspiration! Her mummy looks for the positives in every situation and is always smiling, but behind closed doors we know that this is a different story.

"Indie means the world to us - we are on this journey with her every step of the way."

Indie will turn five on Wednesday, December 8. If you would like to donate to the fundraiser which currently stands at £3,793 visit CLICK HERE .