Firefighter's message after tip fires in Preston last night

A firefighter at Preston says two tip fires last night could have diverted teams away from more serious incidents – and potentially cost lives.

By Richard Hunt
Sunday, 17th April 2022, 10:57 am

There were two separate call-outs in areas of Preston – one at Plungington and the other one at Deepdale – in which firefighters needed to put out fires after rubbish was set ablaze.

They were minor incidents but crew manager Mick Hayes, who is based at Preston, said: “They are putting lives at risk when they do this.

"It usually relates to fly-tipping when either the people who have dumped the stuff, or someone else, sets fire to it.

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. Firefighters says tip fires pull away vital resources and could potentially endanger lives

"But if that happens just before a more serious incident, it pulls fire engines away when they could be tackling the bigger job.

"There is a potential cost when they start these fires.”

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Only four people have been prosecuted for fly tipping in Preston in the past two years, despite more than 5,000 reports about waste being dumped illegally in the city.