Drone spots missing dog near Garstang after a week on the run in Lancashire countryside

A dog that went missing from a home in Garstang over a week ago has been sighted with the help of drones.

By Matthew Calderbank
Friday, 15th February 2019, 3:02 pm
Updated Friday, 15th February 2019, 3:12 pm
Kim, a Romanian rescue dog, has been missing from Garstang since Friday, February 8.
Kim, a Romanian rescue dog, has been missing from Garstang since Friday, February 8.

Two-year-old Kim, a street rescue from Romania, ran away from foster care in Dorchester Road on Friday, February 7.

She is described as small and similar in size to a Jack Russell terrier.

The elusive dog had been spotted a number of times in the Garstang area, but efforts to capture her have been thwarted due to her fear of people.

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Kim, a Romanian rescue dog, has been missing from Garstang since Friday, February 8.

Recent sightings have been reported miles apart in Nateby, Ford Green, Eagland Hill and Winmarleigh.

On Monday, February 11, drone pilots searching for Kim spotted her near Lancaster Canal in Winmarleigh.

In the footage, Kim can be seen scavenging for food before being spooked by volunteers on foot nearby.

Christine Walker, who is leading efforts to bring the distressed dog home, said Kim is proving difficult to capture because she is "terrified of humans".

Kim, a recent rescue from Romania, is currently in "flight mode". She has not been domesticated and is very wary of people.

She said the dog has not been domesticated and has never lived in a home with people.

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She is in "flight mode" but her owner said they have no concerns about her ability to survive in the Lancashire countryside.

"It is vital that Kim feels safe and not hunted", said Christine.

Kim has been spotted regularly around the A6 area of Garstang since she disappeared on Friday, February 8.

"Our biggest challenge is to educate people not to approach her.

"Stressed dogs make poor decisions and Kim is in an area with busy roads and a railway.

"Please do not be tempted to search for Kim. She needs to settle in an area away from humans, in order for her to be got safe.

"It is very important that people know not to chase or follow her. This will drive her deeper into the fields, or worse, into the busy A6 road.

Kim is described as being similar in size to a Jack Russell terrier.

"This is because she is in flight mode at the moment and running from anyone and everything."

What can people do to help bring Kim home safely?

This missing dog appeal is different than others because Kim's owners are asking people not to actively search for her.

"If she is on the road, please guide her back westwards, into the area she is familiar with", said Christine.

"Unfortunately Kim is back on the move and has been seen back on the A6 Garstang, this morning.

"Kim had settled in the Nateby area, an ideal location for her, but yesterday something unsettled her and she was seen around Eagland Hill and St Michaels on Wyre.

If you spot Kim, please ring/text 07434 587 175 or 07816 492 791 for advice.

"We are doing our best to help her settle again, but if you see her please remember - do not call, chase or try to grab her.

"Please, just ignore her and contact us for advice."

What should you do if you spot Kim?

Do not chase her. If she sees you, crouch down, observe her quietly from a distance and contact her owner.

Christine added: "Kim has how been on the run for seven days. She is terrified of humans, but we are hoping she will find somewhere safe to settle soon.

"Yesterday, she traveled over eight miles. But once we have her feeding in an area, we will work to get her safe.

"She will be scared and she will be fast. Please do not attempt to chase her. You will not catch her.

"She needs to settle so that a person she knows can coax her, or she can be trapped safely."

If you spot Kim, you should call or text Christine Walker on 07434 587 175 or 07816 492 791.