A drive back into the past to 1980s Chorley is huge hit

A Chorley man has stirred up a whole pot of memories by going public with a drive-by video he made of the town more than 30 years ago.

Wednesday, 29th July 2020, 7:00 am
Dave's drive by filming takes him down Union Street

Dave Macmillan, who originates from Chorley, but now lives in Bolton, captured his hometown on a new video camera during a car journey back in the late 1980s.

He has posted it on the Chorley Hub Facebook page where it went down a storm.

Almost 600 people watched the video which raked up some cherished old memories for them.

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Dave introduced the video to the page, explaining: "back in 1988 i bought a video camera, it was massive like something the BBC would use, I did a video of a journey into Chorley to send to family who had moved to Australia so they could see the changes,Im currently copying VHS tapes on to my computer and thought some may like to see it, looking at it now there are massive changes to Chorley especially with the new bypass, was a bit of a novice then but hope people like it, added music to it so hope its allowed."

Comments from watchers included:

"Absolutely brilliant, thanks for sharing, I noticed all the shop windows lit up on pall mall, it's nothing now, sad,"

"Brought back so many memories."

"Everything was better then. Chorley was booming."

"This is fab. Properly amazing. Just watched it again with my husband who’s Cornish and only lived here for ten years. He found it more fascinating than me."

"Anyone spot the Zippy Bus coming out of where Booths is now?"

The video drive goes along the A6, past the Sea View pub; it continues up to the Hartwood roundabout and past the hospital heading into town; as it approaches the Parkers Arms, it turns right along Park Road, past the entrance to Astley Park on the right, up to the lights outside the town hall; the car turns left onto Union Street and past the Flat Iron; it carries on right onto what is the by pass, round the back of the bus station and past where the Youth Zone is now; it heads to Bolton Road, onto the A6 in the direction of Bolton; then there's a right turn onto Carr Lane; to the lights at Weldbank Lane/Pall Mall and a right turn heading back towards town; at the Big Lamp there's a left turn along Market Street; through town, up Harpers Lane; along Eaves Lane to Bagganley Lane; through the housing estate to Eaves Lane again; round the back of Initial laundry.

Do you remember the 'old' town?

See Dave's film at : https://www.facebook.com/dave.macmillan.58/videos/10156914697844541