Doctor set to face allegations of 'dishonesty' by 'diagnosing patients with food poisoning without seeing them' for legal cases

A doctor faces allegations of being “misleading, dishonest, and financially motivated” by diagnosing patients with food poisoning without seeing them in person - after being instructed by a law firm where he had a “personal relationship” with a director.
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Dr Zuber Bux, who works across Lancashire, including in Preston, faces a string of allegations during a medical tribunal set to start in Manchester from Monday.

A panel will look into allegations that Dr Bux was instructed by solicitors in Preston to provide medico-legal reports - written by doctors serving as expert witnesses in legal cases - but “failed to take adequate steps to establish whether his relationship with” a woman called Mrs G, a director at the law company, “with whom he had a personal relationship, amounted to a conflict of interest”.

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Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) documents said Dr Bux allegedly provided reports for five patients between May 7, 2016, and September 1, 2016, and “failed to declare within the reports that his personal relationship with ‘Mrs G’ amounted to a conflict of interest”.

They added: “It is also alleged that Dr Bux failed to state that he had complied with his duty as an expert witness.

“It is alleged that in preparing the reports, Dr Bux failed to examine the patients in person and diagnosed food poisoning without sufficient evidence to do so.

“It is alleged that in relation to Patients B and C, Dr Bux failed to acknowledge records of consultations with other practitioners.

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"It is alleged that Dr Bux’s actions were misleading, dishonest, and financially motivated.

“Finally, it is alleged that, on July 8, 2017, Dr Bux performed a circumcision on Patient A in the community. It is alleged that in performing the procedure Dr Bux failed to provide good clinical care to Patient A.”

Mr Bux could not be reached this morning.