DLN Dance School is making Preston proud one step at a time by securing a place at the World Championships

DLN in Preston have danced their way to the World Championships in Spain this May and are in desperate need of fund-raising to get there.

By Emma Downey
Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 9:35 pm

After recently representing England at the British Championships, the small but mighty dance school, which is based at Vernon Carus Sports Club in Penwortham, managed to secure two first place British Champion titles – Demigods and Paragons, runners up – Divergent and Minitrons who placed third.

21-year-old Demi Leigh Naylor who founded the dance school which caters for five to 18 year-olds in 2019, said: "In less than 16 weeks the dancers will be competing and we need help in getting our dancers to the World Championships.

"This is one of our biggest achievements yet as a school and we will be heading to the World Championships in May which will be held in Spain.”

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At the British Dance Festival

Demi, who has been a dancer since she was three, an award-winning choreographer and dance teacher, added: "DLN Dance is more than a dance school, it's a family.

"We all support each other, from parents, grandparents, dancers and teachers.

"Watching how much dance empowers our children, enhances our motivation and dedication to get them the full length, from training - local dance competitions - British championships and now with the aim of taking our dancers to the World Championships to represent England.

"It was a team effort - from the kids, parents and staff who helped and collaborated with us in work.”

Demigods U-14 British champions: Emily Rowe, Emilia Curwen, Mya Gohil, Ellie Hilton, Maddie Hilton, Paige Forbes, Myah Proctor, Ruby Donelan-Wright

She continued: "Most recently we’ve been working with Katy Smith and our in house teachers Demi and Ellie.

"We have an exciting new line up ready to work on our sets for the World Championships and for the European championships in 2023 and we are attending many fund-raisers and will soon be hosting our event."

Having coached the Demigods (over-16s) and Paragons (under-14s) to considerable success at the UDO World Street Dance Championships in Blackpool in August last year, the dance school also represented England in online world championships during the pandemic and was awarded second place against teams from Japan, Spain and China.

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Demi (middle) celebrating with some of her team
Paragons Commercial Team British Champions: Emily Rowe, Ellie Hilton, Ruby Donelan-Wright, Kacie Mai Green, Remae Etienne, Maddie Hilton, Myah Proctor, L’taya Hypolite, Emilia Curwen, Mya Gohil, Paige Forbes
Divergent Supercrew ages five to 15 who were the British champion runners up