Deepawali Celebration in Preston by Shrigandha Lancashire Kannada Koota

Deepawali (also known as Diwali) is the most celebrated festival in India. On this day God is worshipped for a good year. Lighting lamps, traditional food, fireworks and exchange of gifts form a part of celebration. The members of Shrigandha Lancashire Kannada Koota met together to follow these practices and celebrated the festival on November 11 2023 at Hutton Village hall.
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Shrigandha is a community of people residing in the Lancashire area, with roots in the state of Karnataka in South India. This state boasts a unique linguistic, culinary, and cultural heritage, with the Kannada language being one of the oldest languages with its own script. The formation of this group in 2017 was driven by the desire to pass down these cultural traits to the next generation born in this region. This endeavor allowed members to support each other during the pandemic and to gather and distribute donations to charities, both in Preston and Karnataka. Shrigandha has truly become an extended family in Lancashire.

For the past few years, the Shrigandha group has organized two gatherings annually, with a particular focus on involving children in the celebrations, which occur on Ugadi (Kannada New Year's Day) and Deepawali.

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On Saturday November 11 once again, Shrigandha families came together to celebrate Deepawali, the festival of light symbolizing the triumph of good over evil and the enlightenment over darkness. During this event, families not only celebrated the festival, but also showcased performances by children and adults, highlighting various aspects of Kannada and other Indian cultures. The festivities were further enhanced by the presence of delicious traditional food, spectacular fireworks, and entertaining performances, all of which add to the joy and happiness of home away from home to its members. All this was made possible by the hardwork put in by the organising committee members, the volunteers and the families, not forgetting the children.

Deepawali is the most celebrated festival in India - Lighting Diya. Photo: Shrigandha Kannada KootaDeepawali is the most celebrated festival in India - Lighting Diya. Photo: Shrigandha Kannada Koota
Deepawali is the most celebrated festival in India - Lighting Diya. Photo: Shrigandha Kannada Koota

In addition, this year, we were pleased to have the Hon'ble Mayor of Preston, Councillor Yakub Patel, amongst us, gracing the occasion. His presence will no doubt help raise the profile of our group and contribute to the better integration of our communities. The event was led by Mrs. Komal Patel and Mrs. Mythri Prasanna.

We extend our warmest wishes to all for a joyful and prosperous Deepawali.

- Shrigandha Family (Lancashire Kannada Koota)

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