Could this be aliens looking down on a Leyland man from their UFO?

A Leyland dad has been left wondering if he has had an extra-terrestrial experience after an unidentified flying object hovered over his home.
The strange shape hovering over homesThe strange shape hovering over homes
The strange shape hovering over homes

Stephen Jones was letting the dogs out on Monday evening when he saw a strange and inexplicable sight in the sky.

The 28-year-old father of one, who lives in Leyland, had his weird vision of the saucer-shaped object in the town shortly after 8pm.

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He shouted for his girlfriend but she didn't come, and while he didn't have the presence of mind to film the odd goings-on, he did take several pictures from the back of his Redwood Avenue house in the sunroom.

A closer view of the UFOA closer view of the UFO
A closer view of the UFO

Stephen said: "I thought it was very odd. Luckily I had my mobile phone on me for the camera other wise it wouldn't have been believable.

"It was a complete suprise as I was letting my two dogs out in the garden when I first saw it.

"It was visible for at least five minutes then I went back in the house as I could hear my baby crying.

"When I looked again after 30 minutes it was gone.

"I am going to be looking again tonight in my free time.

"I wouldn't like to say what it was but it was very strange - not like any air craft I have seen. I wish I did know what it was."

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