Christmas is saved for Higher Walton families left without water for more than a week

Residents in Higher Walton with no water have received an early Christmas present from United Utilities.
Residents in Higher Walton Road have been affected by a water leak. Image: GoogleResidents in Higher Walton Road have been affected by a water leak. Image: Google
Residents in Higher Walton Road have been affected by a water leak. Image: Google

Ten terraced properties in Higher Walton Road were cut off from supplies when a pipe sprung a leak on Wednesday, December 14, during minus 5 conditions.

United Utilities engineers discovered that the common supply pipe needed a repair, but as it was privately owned by residents, it was not UU’s responsibility to take action.

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Families - including elderly and disabled people - were left with only bottled water to drink, clean and flush toilets with for more than a week, one calling the situation "disgusting".

Questions started to be asked over the impact it would have on Christmas Day, but United Utilities have now said they will pay for a plumber to attend, as a gesture of good will.

After a call from the Lancashire Post, it has been confirmed this will take place today (Friday) - less than two days before Christmas.

Terrible smell

One resident, who asked not to be named, said the news the work would be done before Christmas was "fantastic".

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She said: "I'm disabled so I can't get out and my sister has had to bring water.

"The problem is though, when you flush the toilet, it all backs up and causes a terrible smell. I've had to have the window wide open, and I'm freezing.

"I've had to say to family, 'Don't go to the toilet', it's embarrassing.

"It's made me feel awful. I'm not well anyway, and this has made it 10 times worse."

What did UU say?

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A spokesman for United Utilities said: "Those properties get their water off our mains via a common supply pipe, which means it is their own responsibility for maintenance.

"We responded to the reports of no water and found a leak. As a gesture of goodwill we’ve organised for plumbers to come out and fix it.”

Freeze-thaw conditions

Residents throughout Lancashire are being reminded to check for leaks following the freeze-thaw conditions.

Information on how to prevent burst pipes and what to do in the event of a problem is available on United Utilities website here: