Chorley schoolgirl, 11, filmed being viciously kicked, punched and spat on by teen girl gang

A pair of Chorley mums have joined forces after both their schoolgirl daughters were violently assaulted by a gang of other girls.

Lisa Ainsworth and Jade Brooks became friends after their young daughters were both attacked.

Video footage of Jade Brook’s 11-year-old daughter Ellissia was later shared on social media of her being confronted, punched, kicked and having her hair pulled. One of the attackers also appeared to spit on her.

They say both girls now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and are too afraid to leave the house.

Ellissia, 11, was kicked and stamped on by a gang in Chorley. A video of the attack was later share on social meda

Lisa Ainsworth, was told by hospital professionals that “one more stamp to her head may have cost her her life" when discussing her daughter Bethany's injuries after she was badly beaten by a gang of youths.

Bethany, 14 who attends Holy Cross Catholic High School, was set upon last April by a gang of youths who punched her, dragged her to the ground, and took it in turns kicking her and stamping on her head, causing the side of her face to swell.

"The bullying started in Year Seven but escalated in Year Eight. It was not only physical but emotional too," said Lisa.

"There was two main girls in her school but also girls and boys on the streets who she had never met. The reason they knew who Beth was is she was shared all over the internet by these two girls.

Lisa Ainsworth whose daughter Bethany was badly beaten by a gang of youths "to an inch of her life" has been interviewed by the BBC to highlight that something needs to be done to stop this. She is pictured with fellow mother Jade Brooks whose 11-year-old daughter Ellissia was also the victim of an attack. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard

"Unfortunately my worst nightmare happened in April of last year. We got the phone call we were dreading - her screaming on the other end 'they got me mum, please help. It hurts.'

"As I was on phone to her, my husband phoned 999 and was told they will send someone if we can. The attack involved three girls, two of which had never met Bethany."

Lisa claimed it took a few weeks for the offenders to be arrested on suspicion of assault.

Two of the girls involved wrote a letter of apology after being given a conditional caution.

11-year-old Ellissia Brooks after being beaten by a gang of youths

She added: "These girls did not give a damn, they would laugh at the police. On one occasion my daughter was chased, pushing her and damaging her property and trying to steal her shoes.

"I begged the police to help, saying they were going to kill her and how because this gang was getting bigger, Beth didn't stand a chance.

"One of the reasons we are doing this is to make Chorley safer for our kids and to highlight police response. When we phoned 999 to ask them to get her as she was still being assaulted, no one arrived for 48 hours.

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A clump of Ellissia's hair that was ripped out during the horrific assault lies on the floor

"We are doing this for the community and even the kids involved in these gangs. They need education about the damage they are doing to others and themselves."

Jade Brooks 31, claims she found herself in a similar situation with police when her daughter Ellissia McSweeney, 11, who attends Buckshaw Primary School, was also the victim to a brutal attack in April.

She told the Post: "This assault was a one off, unprovoked attack, however it was a pre-empted attack by the gang.

"She was approached by this gang of mixed girls and boys. She was told to 'shut your mouth the ginger b***' as she was talking to her friend outside the shop.

"She was then told she wasn't allowed home and to make her way to the subway with them. Ellissia was scared and unsure what was going to happen next.

"She went to the subway where this gang started calling her names. Then, as she put her jumper on out of nerves, they punched her, threw things over her head, ripped her hair out in chunks and then stamped all over her head, face and body. In this, she was recorded and called vile names."

Bethany's jaw after being assaulted

Jade claimed she was told by police that because her daughter hadn't ended up in hospital with significant injuries they couldn't arrest them as they would be turned away.

"She didn't sleep properly or eat for weeks afterwards. She shook as she would try and talk to me about her emotions around it and we were left to just deal with it as a family.

"Ellissia is very wary about her surroundings. She won't leave far from home and is struggling to process what's happened to her. She gets anxious and struggles to sleep.

"It's like today's children have no fear of the police and it seems no matter what they do, the police can't or won't do anything. I decided to contact all the mums I could whose children had faced the same horrible attacks and decided we would stand together and push for justice for our children."

Lisa added: "This really concerns me as a parent how many of these children are being forced to attack others. Who is helping them? Who is helping the kids attacked, filmed, humiliated?

"I am not doing this to punish her attackers. I am doing it protect other children from going through this. These kids don't understand that there is long term effects on the victim.

"No matter what age a child's attackers are if 999 is called that child need help immediately."

A spokesperson for the police said: “It was reported to us on April 16th 2021 that a 13-year-old girl had been assaulted at a pub on Friday Street, Chorley. An appointment was made to speak to the victim the following day to take her account. Three teenage girls were subsequently arrested and were dealt with by the youth offending team, as the incident met their threshold. They were given youth conditional cautions.

“We would like to reassure people that we take all reports of this nature extremely seriously and will not stand for violence in Lancashire.”

Anybody who has been the victim of an assault should report on 101, or dial 999 in an emergency.

Marks left after she had been punched to the face repeatedly