Chorley man walks his goat to the pub and has 15 other animals including Boris, Trump, Churchill and Thatcher

They say that a man's best friend is his dog, but for Chorley man Damian Stanley it's his pet goat Actin who earned this title.

By Emma Downey
Friday, 29th April 2022, 9:50 am

After purchasing him online a year ago, the 48 year-old brings his one-year-old furry friend everywhere with him – including the pub!

"I Googled goats for sale in Chorley and found him,” he told the Lancashire Post.

“I walk him every day and named him ‘Actin’, as in ‘acting’ the goat. "

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Damian Stanley with Actin

He jests he is "baaaared” from pubs so has to wait patiently on his lead outside.

Damian, of Chorley, was spotted walking the goat around the streets near a popular pub last week, but to many in the town this was no surprise as Actin is a regular sight in and around the area.

He was seen outside the Black Horse Pub on Pall Mall with his famous goat leashed to a railing much to the amusement of passer by Craig Eastham.

He said: "This guy doesn’t seem to have a care in the world, and fair play to him. I think it’s really comical and as I say, it’s something you don’t see."

Damien with some of his dogs

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Damian, who suffers with severe anxiety and depression, owns 15 other animals with equally quirky names including two ferrets Boris and Trump, a dog called Megan, turkeys Churchill and Thatcher and three chickens named K, F and C.

He credits all of them as his saving grace as he says "without my animals, there would be nothing to wake up for".

It's a full-time job in itself looking after all the animals as he gets up at 3.15am to feed them and to go out with his dogs.

Damian with one of his ferrets from his mini zoo

As goats are notorious for eating anything they see, Damian says people are shocked when they realise there is such a thing as goat food, but that he also loves lettuce.

Popular among the locals, Damian informs that Actin sleeps outside with the rest of his animal friends and it's a standing joke when he is coming to say "Heeeeers Actin".