Chorley fashion designer Ross Griffiths launches first clothing range after troublesome past

A fashion designer who "mixed with the wrong crowd" and entered into a life of crime has today launched his first fashion line.

By Emma Downey
Tuesday, 1st February 2022, 4:42 pm

It was a diagnosis of HIV that was the catalyst for the turning point in thirty-one year-old Ross Griffith's life.

Refreshingly open about his past, Ross explains the battle he went through to arrive at his dream destination.

"When I was younger I mixed in with the wrong crowds and turned to the life of a criminal. Then I was diagnosed with HIV 11 years ago and this was the turning point in my life.

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Ross with one of the models who showcased his designs.

"I've always wanted more, bigger, better, and always felt like I don't fit in.

"When I was diagnosed with HIV it was a wake up call, everything became black and white, like I had reset and I thought: "it's time to sort your life out Ross and put the colours back right."

"And from that day forward I vowed to be a better person, for myself, and for my life, its been a long, upsetting journey, but also uplifting to right so many wrongs from my past."

Now, 11 years on, Chorley' s up and coming fashion designer's new clothing range Kingfisher Couture has just dropped.

Up and coming stylista Ross Griffiths.

With his feet firmly placed on the fashion room floor and taking visionary ideas, fashion, and styling to a new level, he is ready to showcase his first designs which he describes as wearable for everyone.

Ross, who has an astute eye for intricacy, bold shapes, luxurious fabrics, fluidity and ultimately show stopping pieces, continued: "My fashion caters for everyone as I create ready to wear and custom off pieces.

"I haven't ever studied fashion, only at my high school southlands at GCSE level, fashion/textiles was introduced to me by Mrs Sue Hamilton, now retired textiles teacher of southlands."

Explaining the meaning behind the name, he said: "The Kingfisher bird was the first bird off Noah's Ark to lead the way to a safe path.

Strike a pose.

"Because kingfishers are leaders, bright and beautiful this is where the name for my brand came from."

His style icons range from Zendaya and JLO to Audrey Hepburn who he describes as having an "amazing influence".

Now, taking the fashion industry by storm, Ross has already impressed and been approached by Lancashire Food Festival to take his Lancashire Fashion Festival to them in May where he will be showcasing some of his designs on his first ever catwalk in May.

He will also be attending Cheshire Fashion Show in June/July alongside the Liverpool Fashion Week Spring Showcase in April.

One of Ross' creations.

He added: "My team, who I only met eight weeks ago, are a credit to me and without them this would not have been possible."

Not forgetting where he has come from get where he is today he finished: "Even to this day my past haunts me, which is my fuel, my reminder of what I'm not and who I am."

So move over Chanel and Gucci there's a new clothing designer in town ready to make a creative dent in the fashion industry.

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Ross' designs launched today.