Mystery tipper dumps pet carrier, shoes and boots near village war memorial

A parish council has appealed to a mystery tipper to stop dumping their household rubbish in and around a litter bin by the local war memorial at Catterall, near Garstang.

By Fiona Finch
Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 3:45 pm

Catterall Parish Council has urged any witnesses to the tipping to share information about the culprit. The council has also posted two messages and photos on its Facebook page about the incidents.

The most recent message on December 23 noted: "Unbelievable, yet again this week, more fly tipping. There has been about 12kg of household waste in the litter bin recently. If anyone recognises the shoes or has any information about who is doing this, please get in touch.This is costing residents money as we have to pay to dispose of it."

On December 13 the council had lamented : "Unfortunately, yet again more fly tipping in Catterall. This is not acceptable. Fly tipping is illegal and those caught fly tipping face fines and possible prosecution. Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate manner. If your waste cannot be disposed of in your normal household bins, there are Household Waste Recycling Centres in Claughton or on Tom Benson Way, Preston."

The unwanted footwear dumped by Catterall parish Council's rubbish bin

The mesage continued with an appeal for witnesses stating: "If you see anyone fly tipping you should report it to the police with as much information as possible and, if you come across fly tipping,you should report it to Wyre Council using their Report It function on their website."

The bin is located at the top of Cock Robin Lane near its junction with Garstang Road and is sited near a memorial bench and plant display. Council Chairman Coun Ian Brayshaw said: "It's a bit disrespectful the area where it is. It's there to commemorate people's commitment in the war - to dump a lot of rubbish there is wrong."

He continued: "Fly tipping costs a lot of money to deal with and ultimately it's paid for by everybody."

Parish Council Vice Chairman Coun Jan Finch added: "These things keep appearing and then the Parish Council has to get rid of them. It's not a one off. It seems the person who is leaving stuff is also filling up the litter bin with bags of household rubbish too ... it just makes it worse!"

An earlier instance of tipping, when a pet carrier was left by the bin

Coun Finch said the shoes could have been recycled in a special charity bin at Catterall Village Hall or at the Community Recycling and Reuse Centre at the former Garstang tip site on Brockholes Way.

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Catterall Parish Council Vice Chairman Coun Jan Finch