Burnley's Netflix man of the moment Dave Fishwick a huge hit with Good Morning Britain viewers

Burnley businessman Dave Fishwick has appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain to talk about how streaming giant Netflix is turning his life into a Hollywood blockbuster.

By John Deehan
Tuesday, 15th February 2022, 11:10 am

Dave revealed to the world last week that filming was about to start on "The Bank of Dave" with James Bond actor Rory Kinnear and Bridgerton leading lady Phoebe Dynevor both set to star.

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Netflix casts A-List stars for Burnley-based feelgood movie 'The Bank of Dave'

Speaking to Good Morning Britain hosts Ranvir Singh and Richard Madeley, Dave was asked how Netflix had come to hear about him.

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"Because I'm Dave from Burnley, " came the quickfire reply.

Dave said he had been approached by screenwriter Piers Ashworth 14 months ago after spending years "making programmes that make a difference".

Burnley Savings and Loans was established in 2011 by Dave in the wake of the financial crash and the devastation it left across the North. He subsequently went on to film numerous television programmes, including Channel 4 series Bank Of Dave, detailing his battle against unscrupulous payday loan lenders.

He said Piers, who co-wrote the feel-good film Fisherman's Friends, wanted to pen another heartwarming tale.

Dave Fishwick was a big hit with Good Morning Britain viewers

"So [Piers] came to Burnley, because that's the only place I wanted to do it at, and he said 'Dave, let's make it happen'. And then it got bigger because Netflix got involved, and they said 'We love it!'"

Filming is set to start at the "centre of the universe" – in Burnley – in the coming weeks, and Dave said he couldn't wait.

"It's going to be like a circus turning up. How wonderful for the area. And people will get to see how brilliant it really is."

The GMB viewers couldn't get enough of Dave's down-to-earth, easy-going personality either, with many taking to Twitter following his appearance to show their love for the self-made millionaire.

@TomScotty: "Make a run for PM @FishwickDavid id vote for you. Legend."

@SimonJHarvey19: "I would happily Bank with @FishwickDavid what a fab guy, what a fantastic country we would have if you could pour a bottle of Dave on your cereal in the morning."

@TheGers5: "I remember watching the shows he did for TV and he is an amazing guy that should be on TV as much as martin Lewis appears to be."

@littlenic1976: "He needs to be on the TV every morning. What a wonderful happy man, 5 minutes of him and I feel fabulous."

@pickering_sil: "What a great Guy great character I'll be honest I've never heard about him till now but what a great fella he is helping others I'll definitely watch the Netflix movie about him."

@bryyan6: "What an interesting guy, seems a real genuine old fashioned principled man. Obviously a business man, but not just out to line his own pocket. Has a great way with word, look forward to seeing the film."

@JoyMcGauley: "What a great bloke. Need more like him to make this country great again."