Boxing legend Chris Eubank stuns fans during family visit to Lancashire

One of Britain's best loved boxers- Chris Eubank - stunned fans during a surprise visit to Kirkham yesterday (Thursday, October 14).

By Matthew Calderbank
Friday, 15th October 2021, 10:52 am
Updated Monday, 18th October 2021, 2:08 pm

Regarded as one of the greatest super-middleweight boxers of all time, the 55-year-old ring legend has been staying in the Fylde town this week after his uncle reportedly passed away.

It is understood Eubank's uncle had lived in Kirkham for many years but recently died, prompting the flamboyant fighting star to pay a visit to his Lancashire relatives.

It's been a tough year for the former middleweight world champion, who has been grieving the loss of his boxer son Sebastian after the 29-year-old died from a sudden heart attack whilst holidaying in Dubai in July.

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Kirkham boxing fan Josh Leech and his 5-year-old son were among those lucky to meet Eubank and have their picture taken with the boxing legend

Kirkham boxing fans were first alerted to the star's visit when a gleaming black Rolls-Royce Phantom cruised through town in the afternoon sporting an 'I KO' reg plate.

And they were soon giddy with excitement when the Rolls - worth around £350,000 - pulled up outside a home in Station Road, near Billingtons Funeral Directors.

Out of the luxury convertible stepped Chris "Simply the Best" Eubank - known for his eccentric personality and unique fashion-sense - sporting an American sheriff's badge pinned to his top.

Later, as a small group of fans gathered outside the home, chatting excitedly about Eubank's visit to the town, the house door opened and a woman appeared.

British boxing legend Chris Eubank takes time out from visiting family in Kirkham to pose for pictures with fans yesterday (Thursday, October 14)

Boxing fan Josh Leech and his 5-year-old son Blake were among those milling around outside for a glimpse of their boxing hero.

"We were near his car and a lady came to the door and called over, asking "can I help you?", said Josh.

"A lad asked if we could get a picture with Chris. She then asked how many of us there were and at that point there was five of us hanging about, so she said, "one second, I’ll ask him".

"Then she came back to the door with his bodyguard and said he was eating his tea and that he is putting it to one side to come and have his picture taken with us.

Fans were first alerted to the boxing star's visit to Kirkham when a gleaming black Rolls-Royce Phantom cruised through town sporting a personalised reg plate with the letters - 'I KO'.

"I was shocked! His bodyguard stepped out of the doorway and then Chris himself followed him. We just couldn’t believe it, it was surreal."

Eubank then scooped Josh's son up in his arms and happily posed for pictures with his Kirkham fans.

"He’s a top bloke and genuine too," added Josh. "We were super chuffed. It's not everyday you see a boxing superstar in our little town of Kirkham!

"And it just shows what kind of a man he is. He picked my son up and asked him for a bust. My son bust him and he said "wow, you pack a punch, you’d make a great boxer!"

Eubank's son Sebastian (left) sadly died aged 29 after suffering a heart attack in the sea whilst holidaying in Dubai in July, 2021

"Blake just beamed with pride, it was a fantastic experience for him. He's such a lucky boy to meet a boxing legend in his hometown."

Eubank's surprise visit to Lancashire came just days after the Londoner had his Louis Vuitton 'manbag' snatched by a thief in the capital on Tuesday (October 12).

The former WBO middleweight and super-middleweight champion, who wasn't injured in the incident, said he "couldn't believe" the audacity of the opportunistic thief.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said: "He couldn't have known who I was because he wouldn't have tried it. He was just looking at the prize.

"It was over in seconds and he was down the road like a sprinter with a baton.

"I didn't even think of chasing him at first, such was the shock. I thought, 'he must be the country's most brazen crook'.

"But it's a sign of the times - they don't care about confronting someone like me, so nobody is immune."

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Chris Eubank says he will ‘never get over’ his son Sebastian’s death as he speak...

The star will return to Lancashire in December for a Meet the Legends event alongside former champion Nigel Benn, who was Eubank's middleweight rival during the 1990s.

The pair will appear live on stage at Viva Blackpool on Sunday, December 5 where they will ‘talk the talk’ about their famous bouts which captivated the boxing world.

More information on the event and how you can book tickets can be found on the Viva website here.