Abandoned baby otter rescued from garden

A baby otter has been rescued from a garden after apparently being abandoned by her parents.

Cloud the 10-week-old otter is now being cared for the RSPCA after a man called the charity saying that he had spotted the little mammal all alone in his garden in Wordsworth Avenue, Bolton Le Sands, in Carnforth.

RSPCA animal collection officers Robyn Morris and Laura Waters went along to collect the baby.

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“The gentleman had spotted the baby in his garden but hoped a parent would come back for her,” ACO Morris said.

“However, he became worried for the little otter’s welfare when, 24 hours later, she was still all alone.

“She is only 10 weeks old so is definitely too young to be on her own.

“She was calling and crying out to her parents and was clearly quite frightened and distressed.

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“Luckily, we managed to catch her and took her to Wolfwood wildlife rescue centre for the night before moving her to our own Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire.”

The female, who was found in Wordsworth Avenue so has now been named Cloud after the famous poem ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’, is eating well and looking strong.

“We would like to remind people that before touching any baby wild animal, we always advise monitoring first to check that it is genuinely orphaned or abandoned, as mum is often nearby and waiting for you to leave.”

If you are concerned for the welfare of a young wild animal that seems to be alone, please watch from a distance and call the RSPCA’s Cruelty & Advice line on 0300 1234 999.

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