25 WaterSafe accredited plumbers in Preston and South Ribble as scheme celebrates 10th birthday

With the colder months firmly upon us, more and more of us require the services of a plumber to deal with the many issues winter brings – whether it be frozen pipes or the extra pressure we place on our central heating systems.

WaterSafe, the national register of approved plumbers and water contractors, is celebrating 10 years of protecting the UK’s drinking water quality and to mark the occasion, the Post has put together all the accredited plumbers that come up for Preston and South Ribble.*

To appear on WaterSafe’s online register, contractors must be qualified in the relevant water and plumbing regulations and meet minimum qualification requirements.

Included in the list are plumbers that work on homes and businesses plumbing systems, as well as specialist contractors qualified to install water supply pipes which connect properties to the water main, and those responsible for fitting and testing reduced pressure zone valves in large premises such as hospitals.

Ceri Jones, Chair of WaterSafe, said: “As was the case when the scheme began in 2013, its strength today is that it covers the whole of the UK, providing a single register for qualified and approved water contractors.

“Recent research proves just how vital it is for the scheme to continue. Almost a fifth of consumers surveyed have used a plumber to complete work they’d tried to carry out themselves, and more than half of plumbers fix other installers’ work, or DIY jobs, every day.

“Poor plumbing practices can cause a whole host of problems and contaminate drinking water supplies in homes and businesses, so using a WaterSafe contractor is key to prevent this and reassure customers their chosen contractor is competent.

“Of course, the success of WaterSafe is due to the professionalism and quality of our almost-8,000 members. I’d like to thank all our plumbers and contractors for their dedication in improving plumbing standards and protecting water quality in the nation’s homes and businesses.”

*We searched for the postcode PR1 and 25 of the plumbers closest to this postcode were listed.

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