Park and ride drivers give traveller camp a wide berth

Parking motorists were advised to give travellers' caravans a wide berth after they invaded Preston's busiest park and ride site.

Drivers give caravans a wide berth at Portway park and ride
Drivers give caravans a wide berth at Portway park and ride

Legal procedures began yesterday in an attempt to move the visitors, who managed to get into the car park on Thursday afternoon and set up camp in a corner of the site.

But a spokesman for Preston Bus, the company which operates the park and ride service, admitted: “This can be a protracted legal process.”

The Portway incursion was one of three in Preston on the same day, with travellers also making temporary homes on Ribbleton Park and on land in Trefoil Way, off Bluebell Way, Ribbleton. It is not known if the three groups are connected, or why they simultaneously set up camp.

A special community event, called Park It, was due to go ahead last night on Ribbleton Park, although it had to be switched to the other side of the green, away from the caravans.

At the park and ride site, off Strand Road, motorists left their cars as normal yesterday, although most parked well aware from the visitors’ camp.

The shuttle services continued, with buses having to drive between the caravans to pick up passengers.

A statement from Preston Bus said: “Access into or out of the site for cars and buses is still possible. Customers are advised to park well away from the caravans.

“The site will be manned all day to ensure the safety and security of our customers. Customers should be assured that we are doing all we can to move the caravans and avoid closing the site.”

A spokesman for Preston Council added: “Officers from the council have visited the sites and ensured the welfare of everyone involved.”