Parish council want to pay for a PCSO to lower anti-social behaviour

Gordon Wang and Bill McGrathGordon Wang and Bill McGrath
Gordon Wang and Bill McGrath
A neighbourhood council is so worried about rising levels of anti-social behaviour, it has set aside £25,000 to pay for a PCSO.

The money has been taken from reserves held by Ingol Neighbourhood Council, who want to draw up a three-year contract for the officer with Lancashire Constabulary.

Chairman of the council, Bill McGrath, said: “I fully believe that without additional resources there’s a risk that the area could slip back from the incredible progress that has been made over the last few years – which would be devastating after all the effort and support that we’ve received from the Constabulary.”

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Coun McGrath said the area had lost two PCSO’s and a Community Beat Manager over recent few years.

He added: “I made a promise to the community when I was elected that I would make anti-social behaviour my top priority.

“I am now doing everything in my power to fulfill that promise, and hope that by working together in a pro-active and positive we will be able to achieve an outcome that meets the needs of our community, Lancashire Constabulary and the Neighbourhood Council.”

The move has been welcomed by Gordon Wang, chairman of Ingol Community Association, who claims there has been a 60 per cent rise in anti-social behaviour in the area in recent years, as a result of cur-backs.

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He said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea. If we can get an extra officer on the beat, then it might help stem the degradation of the area.”

Members of Ingol Neighbourhood Council have met with a neighbourhood inspector and feasibility discussions are underway.

The Council has also set aside £10,000 in a bid to save Ingol Library, which is underthreat from Lancashire County Council cuts.

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