Outcry over plans for house in beauty spot

Fresh plans for an agricultural dwelling at a beauty spot in Chorley have caused some consternation for residents nearby.

Applicant Mr Hibbert wants permission for an agricultural workers dwelling at Higher Healey Farm in Heapey, near Healey Nab.

But residents objecting argue that the build would mean that the applicant would have to go through two residential properties in Higher House Lane to reach the hut.

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Questions have also been raised about if the dwelling is needed at all.

Objecting to the proposals on the application one walker wrote: “I am a regular walker in this area and do not believe there is any need for this farmer to build a house on the land.

“The owner of this land and her partner have a house in Heapey already and don’t appear to have any help with their land or livestock.

“This area is green belt and should not have a house built on it.

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“Where would the building stop if this application was passed?”

Chorley Labour councillor Adrian Lowe, who represents Chorley North East, said: “It’s a contenious issue because there are questions over whether there’s actually proof of need for an agricultural dwelling and if its a ruse to get permission so that they can just sell it on.

“We have requested that it comes to the full development control committee. I have contacted the chairman so that it would have a full discussion.”

The applicant was not able to respond to the Guardian’s request for a statement in time for the paper to go to press.

The plans will be tabled at a development control meeting in April.

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