'˜Out of control' dog sparks safety fears

Police and council officers are investigating following complaints about an alleged '˜out of control' dog in Leyland.
Spring Gardens, LeylandSpring Gardens, Leyland
Spring Gardens, Leyland

Folk took to social media with a host of concerns about the dog – a German Shepherd – which is said to have attacked a number of people.

It is feared the dog is a danger to the local community and that it could cause serious injury.

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The issue has led to the launch of the new Facebook group - Dog Issues Leyland. The group says it is there to “support, offer advice and work as a community” towards issues about dogs. It is inviting folk to visit the page and voice any concerns they may have encountered around dog behaviour.

It says: “We don’t want all negativity posting, positive issues would be great to see. With the group’s support we can offer each other advice and iron out problems that could easily arise.”

Suzy Law, 59, of Spring Gardens, opposite the dog’s owner, who occupies a Progress Housing Group flat, claimed the dog is often out off a lead and that it had attacked numerous people, including binmen, postmen, children and pensioners.

She said: “It’s been attacking quite a lot of people. It started eight or nine months ago.” She said she had reported the situation to the council and police, adding: “It’s going to seriously hurt someone before something is done.”

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She said the organisers of Dog Issues Leyland were seeking a public meeting and had also organised a petition.

A spokesman for South Ribble Council said: “We are working alongside our colleagues at the police and Progress Housing to assist with the investigation and move forward with the situation.”

Councillor Caroline Moon, deputy leader of the council and cabinet member responsible for environment and community safety, said the council and police had been “working closely” on the issue and were responding.

She said: “The information I’ve been given off the police and the council action, I’m satisfied the matter is being dealt with.”

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She added: “I would urge people that if they become aware of the facts within this case to immediately report it to the council and report it to the police because conversations on social media don’t always get to the council.”

A spokesperson for the Progress Housing Group said: “We continue to work in partnership with the Leyland Neighbourhood Policing Team and South Ribble Borough Council to reduce anti-social behaviour in our communities.

“Regarding the allegations that have been made about a dog, there is an on-going investigation and if the allegations are substantiated we will look to take the appropriate action to ensure that the dog is kept under control.”

Sergeant Anthony Burgess, of the South Ribble Neighbourhood Police Team, said he was aware of the issue.

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He said: “The police and South Ribble Borough Council always work closely to address incidents or concerns about a dogs behaviour.

“I recommend that should a member of the public wish to make a report of this nature, it is done through the correct channels directly to the Police or South Ribble Borough Council.”

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