Our first date was to see a horror film – and he brought a mate along

Paul Lamoury found a cracking way of proposing to Beth Adamson.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 22nd September 2013, 7:15 am
Beth Adamson and Paul LamouryPictures: Nick English
Beth Adamson and Paul LamouryPictures: Nick English

The pair, from Garstang, met on their way to Runshaw College on a bus back in 2003 where Beth, a special needs teacher, says Paul proceed to take the Mickey and be 
sarcastic to her.

“Nothing’s changed,” she says.

“We were friends for years until we started seeing each other officially in 2008 as we were both training to be 
teachers at St Martin’s College, Lancaster.

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Beth Adamson and Paul LamouryPictures: Nick English

“Our first date was to see Hannibal Rising at the 
cinema – complete with a tag-along who ended up being one of the best men.

“Not the most romantic of starts!”

On Easter Sunday, 2012, Paul and Beth returned home from visiting Beth’s sister when Paul decided to go and see his mum.

“When he came back he gave me a Thornton’s Easter Egg,” says Beth.

“I said I wasn’t that hungry so put it down to one side but Paul said he would have some and would I open it for him.

“I couldn’t crack it so Paul took charge and after breaking the egg, handed it over to me when a little clear bag with a silver ring fell out – I thought it was a free keyring!”

When Paul finally took to one knee, Beth realised what the “free keyring” actually was. In their hometown on 
August 3, the couple were 
married on St Thomas’ Church.

A VW, named Lottie, 
arrived to take the bridal party to the ceremony.

“Paul forgot to take the price stickers off the bottom of his shoes,” adds Beth, “that looked good when he knelt at the altar!”

Following the church celebrations, the newlyweds continued on to the Preston Marriott Hotel at Broughton where they were met by well-wishing family and friends.

“We managed to get one of the very nice days of the summer to have drinks and photos on the lawn,” says the new Mrs Lamoury.

“At night we had a Ceilidh band as we wanted as many people dancing as possible.

“It was hard getting the moves right but I’m pretty sure everybody enjoyed themselves on the dancefloor.”