'Years of tremors and noise'

The site at Preston New RoadThe site at Preston New Road
The site at Preston New Road
My young family live 400 yards from the fracking site on Preston New Road.

We have endured years of earth tremors, property damage, noise, HGVs, smells, industrialisation of fields and the stress of toxins in the air, water and land.

It seems the only jobs created are security guards.

Cuadrilla has sought variations to its planning licence on several occasions to enable the company to cope with things it got wrong.

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And here we go again, after causing dozens of earth tremors which has slowed and now stopped work, they are seeking to have the tremor earthquake limits (the so-called Traffic Light System, TLS) raised above the 0.5 level - which they previously assured us they could work within.

The reason for Cuadrilla’s latest difficulty is that they have persistently refused to accept that the geology of the Preston New Road site comprises of complex and sensitive geological fault lines which also interface with underground life giving lakes.

Analysis by a renowned British Professor of Geology (an expert in the field) of Cuadrilla’s just recently released, 3D geological survey drawings, show them to be inaccurate, possibly dangerously so. If the Government and LCC care about the well-being of people in Lancashire, they will stand firm against the industry’s commercially driven campaign to increase the earthquake limits within which it has to operate.

The TLS earthquake limit must remain at 0.5.

Peter Watson, Preston