Will PM’s big gamble pay off?

The temporary but dramatic closure of Parliament is a desperate bid to get Brexit through.

It will cause the greatest political rumpus for years.

The incipient sense of a storm is already evident, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have to ensure that the Chamber of the House of Commons is formally locked and bolted, if he wants to avoid the Remainers from trying to invade the Chamber and causing a mock Parliament during this closure.

Politicians always look for obscurities in trying to resolve problems.

In this case, the solution is quite simple.

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Parliament agreed to hold the referendum and agreed to honour its findings. This they have scandalously failed to do.

Several attempts have been made to win the battle but Parliament remains unmoved, and, in my opinion, there is no chance of getting Brexit through without dramatic action of this kind.

Various attempts have been made to win over MPs, but they have, so far, all failed, and therefore I think Johnson is left with no other choice.

He would, no doubt, get his way but the situation will probably be soured for years to come.

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His action is regarded as totally out of order and he will not easily be forgiven for it.

But he sees no other way of achieving his objectives and MPs, whether they like it or not, will simply have to live with it. This move will have shaken Brussels to the core too - but they, also, will have to live with it.

It could easily lead to an early election - something Johnson wants to avoid at all costs.

However, he is a determined man and will not be put off by his opponents in the Remain camp.

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It could be, therefore, that Johnson wins this battle, even though his scars will be evident for years to come.

It is the biggest gamble that any British politician has taken for years, and his chances of succeeding seem to be increasing.

He has strong support from the Brexiteers, although the Remainers are putting all sorts of obstacles in his path.

Johnson is confident that even if he does not win them over, he will succeed in defeating them.