Will mob honour the result?

The Conservative/Labour talks on Brexit seem to have achieved at least a faint glimmer of shaky consensus.

The trouble is that the forces on both sides of the Commons - and now in the House of Lords as well - seem hell-bent on frustrating anything which looks like achieving a satisfactory Brexit.

This so-called elite appear to think that their views are more important than those of the winners of the referendum who voted to leave the EU. What right have these self-regarding individuals to dishonour the pledge that Parliament gave that it would support the outcome of that referendum?

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They claim the situation has changed beyond recognition since that poll nearly three years ago. Well, of course it has, because of the delaying tactics they have employed - on both sides of the argument . And whatever you think about Theresa May, she is at least, to her immense credit in the face of tremendous odds, trying to honour that pledge that Parliament gave, even though she voted Remain.

We must live in hope, however slender that is, that the Recalcitrant Ones will eventually also agree to honour that undertaking.

- It is hardly surprising that those seeking to succeed Theresa May as the Conservative Party leader are letting it be known that they will be making a big pitch for the youth vote when the time comes.

For years, party election hopefuls have, in general terms, paid scant attention to young people on the grounds that they allegedly rarely vote. The candidates have invariably concentrated on the grey vote.

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But all that is now changing - dramatically. And it is largely down to Jeremy Corbyn.

Many people - not a few of them Labour - believed that Corbyn would be routed at Theresa May’s ill-advised general election. How wrong they were. Corbyn concentrated on the youth vote and as the campaign progressed, he achieved the status almost of a Rock God, with crowds of young voters chanting his name as if he were a pop idol.

The rest is history. Corbyn robbed the Conservatives of their Commons majority and gave the Prime Minister the shock of her life.