'Turn Preston's empty BHS store into market'

Years ago, Preston had a large and small outdoor covered market place.
Should Preston's empty BHS store be turned into a market?Should Preston's empty BHS store be turned into a market?
Should Preston's empty BHS store be turned into a market?

Used as a market on certain days in the week, it was always full, with a large variety of stalls. The market place became a car park at other times and a regular car boot sale was also held. It was also used for special events like the Whit Fair. It was always a good market. Then the powers-that-be decided on a purpose-built indoor Market Hall – complete with cafe, pet shop, two floors of market stalls and a car park. We also still had our outdoor market days. Great.The Tithebarn Project dragged on for years before it finally went belly-up, taking with it much of our money on wasted planning etc, but it also resulted in the loss of many market traders. Their jobs no longer seemed secure so they moved on. We still had a good indoor and outdoor market, just not as good as before.Then the idiots came and decided to spend millions on closing the indoor Market Hall. They demolished it, building a small, not fit for purpose, white elephant of a partially glassed-in box, containing a number of snack bars and very little else.This replaced our market place, and we lost most of the market traders in the process. Plug it all you like, but like the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’, we are not fooled into thinking that this is a market. For, shame on you, we liked our market as it was.How about finding a space for us to have a proper market, and encouraging the market traders to return?I’m sure you could do it without spending any more millions! How about the empty BHS store?A E HallidayPreston