'Support for public libraries long overdue'

Do libraries need more support?Do libraries need more support?
Do libraries need more support?
Libraries are a valuable resource for all of us, valuable for our communities for education, entertainment and enlightenment.

They are also often the only place for those without the resource of a computer to access the internet.

Libraries are access to knowledge, and knowledge is power. The library books I have read have entertained me, moved me and changed my life.

Libraries are unarguably a bastion of civilisation.

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Since the start of austerity, there have been hundreds of libraries and thousands of library staff lost across the UK.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is a petition calling on the government to protect library services by ringfencing government funding for libraries.

The petition can be found at https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/228742.

Support for libraries is like the library books I forgot to return on time – overdue.

Matthew Smith

via email

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