At the start of exciting ventures

One of the most interesting things about life at a creative agency is that you see trends emerging across different industry sectors.

Monday, 30th December 2019, 5:00 pm

We regularly get approached by entrepreneurs with a novel idea for a start-up, and by established brands with plans to enter new markets.

Some of these ideas go no further than an initial conversation.

But others gain traction. Funding is allocated, early feedback is positive, and our client gives us the green light to proceed with an exciting new project (in our business there are few more thrilling phone calls than these ones).

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It is fascinating to be in at the ground floor as innovative concepts take shape, often months or even years before they become publicly available.

Business plans are shared in confidence. Strategy meetings are held behind closed doors. Assumptions are tested and devil’s advocacy is played by all as we work towards defining a customer value proposition that will actually make sense out there, in the real world, where real people will be asked to part with real money for a new product or service.

And then the work starts to come to life.

Creative concepts are developed and discarded and developed again. At every stage, the same questions are asked. What is the rationale for this?

Does it fit the brief? Will it meet the objectives? If the answer comes easily then we are probably onto a winner.

If the words come with hesitation, then we are probably not quite there yet. And so we keep pushing.

Over the past few months some of the projects we have designed and launched include a new subscription service for a speciality tea company and a new youth homelessness prevention initiative in East Lancashire.

And coming soon there will be a new craft distillery and a new camper truck brand.

Every project is different, with its own problems to solve and story to tell. And that is what makes every day interesting.

By Guy Cookson, Partner at Hotfoot Design