Someone's been taken for a ride by bust up

The so-called Traingate affair may turn out to be more serious than what it seemed: a silly political stunt of the kind more associated with David Cameron.

1995 library filer of Chris Moncrieff. Photo by Peter Smith/PA
1995 library filer of Chris Moncrieff. Photo by Peter Smith/PA

In fact, it could reflect on Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity.

The facts – if that is what they are – are that the Labour leader claimed the Virgin train service from London to Newcastle, was “ram-packed” and there was no seat for him.

So he sat on the floor outside a lavatory in the vestibule of a coach and proceeded to say this was another good reason for the railways to be renationalised.

Surprise, surprise, there was a photographer on hand to record this gloomy scene.

However, the rail company fiercely denied his allegations, saying Corbyn had actually walked past unoccupied and unreserved seats. So who are we to believe?

Later, Corbyn appeared at a press conference about the NHS and seemed quite cross when a reporter raised the issue of the train. What on earth did he expect?

But Corbyn could easily have avoided all this kerfuffle – had he wanted to – by doing what most common-sense people do if embarking on a longish train journey: reserve a seat in advance

- Owen Smith, Corbyn’s challenger for the Labour Party leadership, has warned he will do all in his power to keep Britain in the European Union, despite the Brexit victory in the referendum earlier in the summer.

Unless, he says, Theresa May does something about it, he will do what he can to revoke the Brexit victory.

Politicians are forever talking about democracy, yet when the entire electorate are invited to express a view on membership of the EU (I can’t think of anything more democratic than that), they suddenly want to reverse the decision because they don’t like it.

Well, I for one hope the will of the British people prevails.

Owen Smith seems to think he knows better than the British electorate. I would simply call him a bad loser.

- Funniest comment so far about Traingate comes from journalist Marcus Leroux: “All this fuss about a Virgin berth.”