Readers' letters - Wednesday, November 23

We won't welcome Trump

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 4:26 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:26 am
Nigel Evans has invited Donald Trump to the Ribble Valley  but one reader is unhappy with the suggestion
Nigel Evans has invited Donald Trump to the Ribble Valley  but one reader is unhappy with the suggestion

It was reported that MP Nigel Evans has written to Donald Trump congratulating him on becoming US President elect and inviting him to visit the Ribble Valley to discuss trade between the UK and the US (LEP November 18).

Mr Evans says: “Regardless of what opinions we as individuals have about the President elect, it must be accepted by all that Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States”.

Whilst it is true Mr Trump will be the next US President, this does not mean we should leave unchallenged the disgusting racism and sexism espoused by one of the most powerful figures in the world. Neither does it mean that the people of the Ribble Valley and the North West in general should make Mr Trump particularly welcome should he accept the invitation.

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Before inviting Mr Trump, perhaps Mr Evans should have considered that Mr Trump’s racist rhetoric and misogynistic behaviour is found by many people as distasteful, deeply offensive and very dangerous.

Also by inviting the US President elect, Mr Evans could unintentionally give confidence to the racists who wish to normalise hateful views within our society.

One mustn’t forget the toxic racism from certain politicians during the EU Referendum led to a rise in racially and religiously motivated attacks. According to the Home Office, there were 6,193 reported racist incidents across England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the four- week period immediately after the referendum. Whether you were a “Remain” or “Leave” voter, this is clearly worrying.

In so far as Mr Evans wanting a dialogue with Mr Trump so we can work together for the advantage of everyone, I would hope Mr Evans is asking the question: “Does this everyone include Americans who happen to be black?”

I am sure Mr Evans is aware that Mr Trump offensively described black people as having a “Laziness Trait”.

Does “everyone” include Mexicans who live in the US, who Mr Trump described as criminals and rapists?

Mr Trump’s election victory was a wake-up call for us all. It represented a rejection of a failed economic consensus.

But Mr Trump’s answers to the big questions and the divisive rhetoric around them are wrong.

So should Mr Evans receive a response from the President elect, could I suggest he arranges to meet him either in the White House or books a table for himself, Mr Trump and the First Lady elect at the Mar-a- Lago Club in Florida? However, should Mr Evans insist on Mr Trump visiting the Ribble Valley, then rest assured there will be a response from anti-racists to ensure he is made most unwelcome.

Mick Mulcahy, Longridge

We need more integration

I was horrified to read that a British tourist gang-raped in Dubai was arrested for having extra marital sex when she reported the rape to the police.

What kind of society would do that? I can tell you it is an Islamic one. This is the same religion that, in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam, prohibits women from driving, will only allow them out fully covered, and then with a male chaperone.

Unbelievably they can only have medical treatment if a male guardian gives his consent.

They ensure that the Muslim faith is not questioned by the law of apostasy, so that anyone denying Islam is executed.

Yet, we are continually told that this is moderate Islam, IS and Al Qaeda are much more extreme.

British politicians need to address this with legislation to encourage Muslim immigrants to integrate because this is not the case now.

Not to do this will only ensure that more politicians like Donald Trump will be elected.

C B , Fulwood

A Kafkaesque nightmare

Darryl Ashton is so right about PIP assessments (LEP Letters, November 18).

After years on DLA and regular medical assessments, suddenly, because you can lift an empty cardboard box, your disability “disappears “ and you are fit to work.

All benefits stop and you are told to claim job seekers.

But they say you can’t have it because you have a disability.

You apply for ESA (employment support allowance).

Can’t have that as you’ve not got enough points.

Apply for job seekers.

So round and round you go, four times up to now.

Bills to pay, no money coming in.

Anyone out there know the way out of this Kafkaesque nightmare?

Name and address supplied

How it all went wrong for resort

My young family and I left Morecambe in 1968. Back then Morecambe was a boom town on a level with Blackpool.

Morecambe started to go backwards after the two piers went, plus the two fairgrounds, the bingo stalls, the penny slot machines, Empire and Arcadian cinemas, Floral Hall, bandstands on the promenade, Burton’s building snooker hall, The Winter Gardens and, most of all, the super swimming stadium.

Getting rid of that was a disaster. The Miss Great Britain bathing beauty contest packed out the swimming pool.

Anybody still living in town over the age of 70 will agree with me.

Derek ‘Gadge’ Gardner, Australia

Nobody likes a queue jumper

Following the letter titled Fellow drivers, courtesy please (LEP Letters, November 21)! Does this person not realise all the drivers in the left lane are queuing?

The drivers straddling two lanes are doing so to stop inconsiderate drivers like the writer driving down the outside lane and pushing their way in rather than wait. It’s drivers like this that causes hold-ups and road rage. They can quote the Highway Code all they want, but nobody likes a queue jumper. It’s not courteous.

John Freck via email