Readers' letters - Thursday, November 17

Pedestrianise Fishergate

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 4:50 pm
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 12:21 pm
A reader suggests Fishergate should be free of all traffic. See letter

Once again Preston is gridlocked because of Fishergate (LEP November 15), and once again myself and my partner watched as traffic ignored both no entry signs and traffic wardens on Fishergate this Saturday.

There are at least four large roadside signs that even a blind man could see along Fishergate, and drivers are ignoring them, but what is the answer?

It is simple.

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Make Fishergate totally pedestrianised.

This has happened in a number of cities and it works.

Traffic has no need to enter the town centre, there are numerous park and rides and car parks outside of the immediate centre, and bus traffic could use Corporation Street and the Penwortham bypass.

There are also bus stops outside the train station, and they could make Lune Street a two-way system.

When Friargate was pedestrianised, people said it wouldn’t work but it does.

Stop wasting our money, Preston City Council, and ask the public for solutions.

There were at least five traffic controllers by Winckley Square on Fishergate on Saturday – ultimately paid for by us.

Mick Wareing Snr via email

Fracking and health in USA

At last week’s House of Lords economic affairs select committee, Tor Martin Anfinnsen, senior vice president of Statoil, said his company had interests in shale gas, but only in the US.

He explained why: “We had a look at the UK sometime back as part of a global survey with Chesapeake, of the US, but we decided against going into the UK.

“…I think it was primarily what we call the above ground risk, not so much government policy but the UK is a fairly densely populated country and there have been obstacles, if you will, to our activities in the Marcellus field in the US as well, and we thought they may be even tougher to overcome here.”

Last month, following a formal resolution, the Pennsylvania Medical Society called for a moratorium on new shale gas extraction using high volume hydraulic fracturing. It urged the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to fund an independent health registry and to commission research studies on the harmful health effects of fracking.

Dr Walter Tsou, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility/Philadelphia, said that in the last three years growing evidence has shown its increasing deleterious effects outweighs any economic benefit.

The resolution stated: “Many individuals and families have had nosebleeds, dermatological, respiratory, neurological and GI symptoms, and the industry has denied any wrongdoing but has forced non-disclosure agreements in exchange for fresh water and money.”

FP Rugman, Wrea Green

Cyclists – wear light clothing

I refer to the letter, Keep county’s cyclists safe (LEP November 15).

A starting point for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians would be for them to wear lighter clothing at night and enforce cycle lighting laws.

When I was teenager, a long time ago, we had TV adverts which stated: “Wear white at night and be seen.”

We now have much better high visibility clothing.

Before spending money on road improvements for cyclists, let them help themselves in the first instance.

I’ve also noted, on many occasions, where cycle lanes are provided, cyclists will insist on using the motor vehicle carriageways.

I am also a cyclist and always have lights available and wear hi-vis clothing.

We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe.

Fred Hodson, Penwortham

No ifs, no buts

– out is out Tim

Overwhelmingly the people of this great country have decided, via a referendum, their political and commercial future lies outside the political and economic failing EEC.

No ifs, no buts, out is out.

It is now down to all politicians, of all political persuasions, to make sure that decision is speedily brought to a conclusion, ensuring the best political and financial solution is achieved.

Unfortunately we have a few politicians who believe that the people made the wrong decision to leave and they were not capable of making that fundamental decision.

This body is lead by the Liberal Democrats, if that’s what they call themselves nowadays, led by their leader, Tim Farron, another Lib Dem political nonentity. He has demanded a second referendum on the terms of the final settlement agreed, describing this as a “red line” for his party’s MPs and peers. Tim, I suggest you and your seven, yes, seven of your fellow MPs get back into your taxi and disappear. I can assure you, you will not be missed.

Bernard Darbyshire via email

NHS is being dismantled

So Donald Trump has won in America. Don’t be surprised.

One of his main campaign promises was to dismantle Obamacare, the American equivalent of our NHS.

But that is already happening here. Our NHS is being dismantled and moving rapidly towards the private sector.

Locally, Chorley’s A&E has closed and the Urgent Care Centre is now privatised.

Why, you may ask?

Mainly because a large proportion of MPs are financially involved with those very entities it is being sold off to.

Don’t believe the tales of these organisations being run on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis, it’s more cash in the pockets of those we thought we could trust. They have already accomplished privatising the dental system, so why stop there?

If there was an election tomorrow and a political party ran on the promise of keeping the NHS as a public body, the present Government would disappear!

If you do not object loudly NOW, you are guilty of sleep walking the NHS to oblivion. It’s time to stand up and be counted, before it really is too late.

Graham Archer, Chorley