Readers' letters - Thursday, November 11

Royals costing us too much

Thursday, 24th November 2016, 12:42 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:27 am
A reader says its time to abolish the Royal Family if they are unable to raise their own funds to look after Buckingham Palace

Chris Moncrieff says that every penny spent on Buckingham Palace is well spent (LEP November 22). Palace bigwigs say the extra cash is required to do “essential” work on the building, but surely it’s an indictment of the Queen’s scandalous mismanagement of royal finances over six decades?

Why have the Royals let it get into this state? Why have they not been opening up all year round? If they can’t look after the building and raise their own revenue to fund maintenance, it’s time to give them up.

They are costing us £350m a year and that keeps rising.

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Many people are facing losing one roof over their heads while the Queen upgrades several of hers. Councils unable to build new social housing spend £3.5bn herding families into hostels. Where is the outcry when kids grow up in hostels and B&Bs? Or when the disabled face £30 cuts in support allowance every week?

With £350m in private funds, £500m from the Duchy of Lancaster and Crown Estates of £7bn or £8bn, how much do the Royals need?

After the caring public dug deep for Children In Need, this lot never even get embarrassed over the years.

Royston Jones via email

I’m appealing against penalty

Re: The new bus lane regulations on Fishergate.

Are you aware of these new regulations? Hundreds, if not thousands, of Preston drivers are not and have been issued with £60 penalty notices. (Me included). In my opinion, the signage is totally inadequate.

Here is a copy of my letter appealing against the penalty.

To Lancashire Parking Services: I wish to appeal against this penalty charge. Whilst accepting that the offence did take place, I feel I should point out I have driven on Fishergate for over 50 years and was unaware of the change in regulations. I was concentrating on watching for pedestrians in this “shared space” and did not see the new signs.

I feel the council has failed in its duty of care by not having large signs at ground level advising drivers of the changes.

For this reason I ask that the penalty be waived. Since being made aware of the changes, I have visited the area as a pedestrian to observe the signs and, for a few minutes, watched what other drivers were doing. I saw motorist after motorist not seeing the new signs and can only presume you have now issued hundreds, if not thousands, of penalty notices. Surely someone in authority must have realised that there is something wrong.

John Kerr, Preston

Sentences are far too lenient

Congratulations on your article regarding killer drivers (LEP November 22).

I was astounded when I heard about the family who transported their son’s car to Westminster.

The person who killed their son drove through a red light at 80mph in a 30mph zone.

This was deserving of the maximum sentence of 14 years but he will be back on the road again in three.

What are the judges thinking about? If it is a case of our prisons being overcrowded, build some more or bring back hanging.

Name and address supplied

Surely someone will have a plan?

Not one MP expected the public to vote to leave the EU. As a result, nobody had a plan on how to do it. The sad part is they still don’t know what to do. There must be an MP with brains to cobble together a plan? If not, the ‘remoaners’ will turn out to be the winners after all.

Peter Hyde, address supplied

Thanks for the memories, Fred

Regarding the interesting Looking Back about Middleton Towers, submitted by Frank Schofield (LEP November 8).

Yes, most Prestonians (pre- Costa Brava Holidays) spent happy times at Middleton Towers, Heysham /Morecambe, as well as the sister camp at Squires Gate Blackpool.

The Middleton Towers Camp had that touch of class, mainly due to the impressive Berengaria entertainment centre, which sat proudly on the summit of the complex.

The Towers resort designer paid homage to the ocean liner, RMS Berengaria, which plied the Atlantic between the wars. Built in 1913, in Hamburg, she became a Cunard ship in 1920 and renamed RMS Berengaria (after Richard the Lionheart’s wife). She replaced the ill-fated Lusitania in the Cunard-White Star Fleet and won the coveted Blue Ribbon Fastest Atlantic crossing, in 1935.

The giant cabaret lounge, as Frank pointed out, has been home to some all-time greats, namely Josef Locke and George Formby. In 1981, top of the bill was comedian Dave Evans, none other than the dad of modern day star comedian Lee Evans.

Shortly before its closure, today’s star actor and quiz show host Bradley Walsh learnt his trade as a member of the bluecoats entertainment Team.

Talking of which –the bluecoats ran competitions including Knobbly Knees, Yard of Ale Supper and Best Looking Man of the Week contests!

I lost in the Knobbly Knees contest. During the Yard of Ale contest, all comers were blown away by one of the bluecoats, by a lady bluecoat who held the British and all comers record – approximately two seconds for downing a yard of ale. I kid you not!

“Best Looking” Man of the Week was won on a regular basis by a football mate of mine, Preston’s Joe Dawson. Yes, Joe wowed the judges on numerous occasions, to win his FREE holiday for the following season. Well played Joe... I’m not bitter!

Other highlights included the Donkey Derby, kids’ fancy dress competition, rickshaw bike rides round the campus, not to mention the many ‘If-Wet-In-The-Ballroom’ events plus meeting and playing sporting greats, such as darts’ Leighton Rees and snooker’s John Spencer and Ray Reardon, all world champions in their respective sports.

Oh, what joy. Sadly gone for ever? Thanks for the memories “Fred” (Pontin).

Wilf Riley via email