Readers' letters - September 13

Chorley FC fans '“ you are a class apart

By The Newsroom
Friday, 15th September 2017, 4:04 pm
Updated Friday, 15th September 2017, 4:05 pm

Re: Chorley FC. Hi people from Chorley, I am writing to say what fantastic supporters your football club has.

I am a regular sponsor and supporter of North Ferriby United, who Chorley played on Saturday.

I want your local readers to know what a fantastic bunch of supporters you have in your town.

This is the second time I’ve met them and both times they have provided amazing support for Chorley and been an absolute credit to your club.

They come in numbers, provide valuable income to our club, but, more importantly, they are polite, well behaved and very sporting.

I dream of my club having the away support your club has. If you haven’t been to watch them before, please do.

They are a great team, have great fans and you can watch great football at a great price.

Forget the Premiership – over-priced players diving to try to get another player sent off – here you get beer, meet the players and watch the game from wherever you like. Once again, a huge thank you, especially to Deborah and Ian (who had been to 400 plus consecutive games, home and away), you are a class apart.

John Colley

East Yorkshire 
Picture: Josh Vosper



was ‘a joke’

Re: Affordable homes in Goosnargh.

The planning meeting at Preston Town Hall was a joke.

It was held in a small room – despite knowing the objections and feelings of the residents – public seats were taken up by councillors, 50 residents could not get in and the sound was turned down, until the public made objections that they could not hear.

There were so many reasons put forward, including many from the council’s local plan, explaining why it shouldn’t be allowed.

The village roads cannot cope with all the extra traffic the development would bring. Every family would need a car.

The roads provide the only parking available for the village hall, school, care home, village green, church, a public house and residents.

It is nearly impossible to get through the village now without all the extra traffic.

It is going to be so dangerous for the young and elderly, it will be an accident waiting to happen.

But it still got council approval.

Gery R

via email


Road stops?

I welcome Neil Inkley’s contribution to the debate about ‘stations’ (LP Letters, September 7).

However, I would question his logic at times.

For example, he quotes the ISS as being a stop in space.

By the same argument, I imagine that he would call a stop on a road for a bus a road stop, but I have never heard of that term used in that connection, only in the context of boarding or alighting from a bus, thus logically calling it a bus stop.

Now, while those over The Pond may use the term ‘road stop’ for various buildings by the road side, I have not heard of that term here in Blighty.

Also many a time, using his motorway service station analogy and regretfully, I have indeed had to catch my food as it is slung across at me on a restaurant (feeding ‘station’) counter or table!

However, not even I would dare to catch items at another ‘station’ provided at such a facility, that of a, ahem, relieving station!

In fact, Neil I, will no doubt, have noticed that some of his beloved ‘railway’ stations are no longer called even that with phrases of Interchange or Parkway being used, for example, at Bradford and Horwich, to indicate links with other means of transport.

Sadly Preston missed that opportunity, preferring instead to keep the bus station roughly in the same place that it has always been and therefore giving the impression of a lack of joined-up thinking on the part of our (then) town planners.

At least, Neil I, we agree on certain modernisms.

Just where has the gals bit gone from guys and gals and why are both males and females in the acting profession now simply referred to as actors (which caused real upset in one quiz show with the contestants giving answers of female ‘actors’)?

And hey, Neil I, I must go further back than you, as I call ‘things’ items!

Neil Swindlehurst

Walmer Bridge


Looking for old WW2 image

Re: Picture of Heroes, November 6, 2002. I have been researching my grandfather’s service during the Second World War for over 35 years and recently came across a story on the Post’s sister newspaper, the Chorley Guardian’s website. (It was about a Royal British Legion temporary ‘poppy shop’ in Chorley, where there was a framed photograph of 250 Territorial Army recruits, taken in November 1939).

My grandfather was called George William Cowell, formerly of 14 Springs Road, Chorley. He was associated with 4th Btn The Loyal Regiment, 437/62 Searchlight Regiment and 2nd Maritime AA Regiment. George then emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, in 1956.

The article was of great interest as he served with the 437/62 Searchlight (The Loyals) Regiment before transferring to DEMS service with the 2nd Maritime AA Regiment in October 1941.

Being located half a world away in South Australia has made this research challenging, and I have not had any success in locating where this image resides. I was hoping to be able to possibly obtain a copy to include with his service details to keep his memory alive for future generations.

Nanette Reid