Readers' letters - September 12

A sad reflection of 21st century Britain

The use of food banks is an issue that keeps coming up from time-to-time.

They have often been used as a stick to beat Conservatives with as a result of their policies, which have forced more people to become dependent on the use of food banks.

I am certainly no fan of the Conservatives.

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However, it is worth mentioning that food banks first appeared in the UK in 2004.

They were set up under the auspices of the Trussell Trust and, if memory serves me correctly, happened while the UK had a Labour Government!

Although those associated with Labour at the time don’t like to be reminded of this and would prefer food banks to be a construct of the Conservatives and austerity.

It is not just the UK that has food banks.

Many other developed EU countries use them, such as France, Italy and Spain.

Even Germany has food banks and so does America and Canada!

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Let no one suppose that, for one moment, had Labour under Jeremy Corbyn won the General Election this year, the existence of food banks would disappear with a Labour Government.

On the contrary, food banks are here to stay.

This is a sad reflection of 21st century Britain, that, with the wealth we have, food banks even exist in the first place.

Will Heyes

via email


We have no issues with Ikea

Following your article about the plans for a new retail and housing development at Bamber Bridge, I just wanted to make it clear that Chorley Council is not objecting to Ikea or the employment and large retail development always planned for the site (LP September 5).

As many people have said, it’s really good to see the site being developed because it will bring investment into the area and create jobs – both things Chorley residents will benefit from.

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However, we are a named consultee and have been asked for our views on the development.

We have no issues with Ikea but the application is not compliant with policy and has too many smaller retail units, which may compete with our own and other town centres.

As a result, there will be significant impact on highways (as many people who use the roads in that area at peak times will know), other infrastructure and potentially Chorley’s economy.

As part of all planning applications, developers pay towards mitigation of the impact of what they are doing and Chorley Council would be neglecting its duties to Chorley residents if it did not highlight this as part of the planning process.

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It is standard to request that the developer pays for the impact from the proceeds they make from the development.

We have a duty to raise these issues and the matter will be decided by the planning laws in place across the country as is right and proper.

It has also been said that the proposals for Botany Bay may have an impact on the town centre too – the difference here is that the units would contain retailers which are not currently catered for in Chorley and so won’t be in direct competition with existing businesses or those that will come as part of the Market Walk extension.

We’re putting lots of investment into the town centre to attract more shoppers so we won’t want to do anything that is going to be a detriment to that.

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As with the Cuerden site application, people are able to put their comments forward and all the factors will be taken into consideration when a decision is made on whether to grant planning permission or not.

Coun Alistair Bradley

Leader of Chorley Council


Five-star tribute show

I recently went to see Some Guys Have All The Luck at Preston Charter Theatre.

The show is a tribute to the pop icon Rod Stewart and follows his music career from the early days in the 1960s to the superstardom of the 70s and 80s.

Paul Metcalfe, who plays Rod Stewart with some authenticity, is backed by a tight four-piece band.

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They take the audience through two hours of non-stop entertainment.

By the end of the show, most of the enthusiastic audience were up, out of their seats, dancing and singing along to Baby Jane and Sailing. Some Guys Have All The Luck is five-star entertainment and well worth seeing.

Stephen Briscoe

via email

bus lane

Improve timing of traffic lights

Re: Fishergate, Preston. Making Lune Street two-way will require an additional phase in the traffic lights at Lune Street / Ringway / Corporation Street and make the bad situation there worse.

Just improve the timing of the existing traffic lights to release the tailback of traffic up Corporation Street to Fishergate. Then the bus lane will not be necessary, drivers in Lune Street can continue to exit to Ringway via Fishergate and Corporation Street (or Bow Lane), and the tailback that the bus lane causes in Queen Street will be relieved.

Stephen Palmer



It’s too late for Blair’s ideas

If Tony Blair’s immigration proposals are so good, why didn’t he introduce them when he was PM? It might have saved a lot of heartache.

Andrew Mercer

via email