Readers' letters - September 11

Bank customers should come first

During my career in the Forestry Commission, I and my wife lived in several remote places, with the nearest banks 16 or more miles away and no public transport.

Sometimes the local pub would cash a cheque for folk they knew well.

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It was my choice of career. But we were young and fit then.

Now, well into retirement, I can only drive in the relative proximity of my village to access services.

This is an increasing problem for many 
people – of all ages and capabilities.

Many older folk are not IT literate and are frightened of IT equipment, and may no longer have folk to help them.

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Thus the continuing need for friendly, smiling, helpful, over-the-counter bank staff.

It is time the banks remembered they are a service industry– a service to the customer first.

RJA Ayre

Address supplied



at work

Reportedly a petition may have been instrumental in the cancellation of an event featuring Nigel Farage by Lancaster’s Grand Theatre (LP August 21). This petition illustrates an apparent approval of Margaret Thatcher’s nanny state.

I had, mistakenly, believed myself to be a free-thinker, planning to choose to either attend or boycott the event, without seeking approval. If only I’d known superior prejudices were available to put me on the righteous path.

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I can only seek approval with my pledge to never again repeat the phrase: “I may detest what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it”.

J Butterworth



Rats facing housing issues

The predicted rat invasion into our homes, envisaged by some experts, missed out an important factor.

This is the current forest of vegetation festooning our roadside channels and pavements, providing ideal nesting grounds.

Should these rodents be trained to adopt an entirely vegetarian diet, the weeding programme by the council, (which has yet to emerge), may be dispensed with.

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I realise this would then reduce our chances of winning the Britain in Bloom competition, for which currently we must be firm favourites.

Denis Lee



Unhappy with play area

We were promised a Garden City to appease residents for all the development taking place in the Higher Bartle area.

This is supposed to be the park and children’s play area, (pictured inset).

The developers appear to have used it as a dumping ground for building waste and clay, and there is now a mound that wasn’t there before.

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The area never had any top soil or grass seed put down, consequently what you see is all weed, and no drains were ever put down.

The area has now been fenced off. It is not fit for purpose. Is someone looking into this and whose responsibility is it?

Ellen Moon

via email


Ban carrier and charity bags

I support the banning of supermarket plastic bags – I always keep a supply of reusables in the boot!

However, I would also include the “charity” plastic bags pushed through letterboxes at very regular intervals.

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During 2016, I counted the charity bags (how sad is that?) and we were the recipients of 55 such bags, 11 of which were from the same charity.

These comprise a large sack which is probably the equivalent of three carrier bags, each contained in a small plastic envelope which is only any good for sending to landfill.

In order to do my bit for the environment, I put them on a shelf in the garage and have more than 100.

Sometime I will need to dispose of them.

I would suggest these are much more of a problem to the future of the planet than plastic carrier bags and should also be banned.

Eric Daines

Address supplied


What about older people?

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I read with interest the story about the motorist driving a car for 44 years on a provisional licence (LP August 21).

It does not say what he did, did he kill someone?

Is there no place anymore for people over a certain age for whom computers, mobile phones and laptops were not the norm in their growing-up days?

I personally cannot use any.

How can older people pass the driving test for a full licence when they have to go through a computer test as well as a road test? They cannot use a computer.

The driving test is so easy for my children to pass. They had computers in their classrooms, not I, who did not.