Readers' letters: November 29

Revoke Article 50 and end Brexit madness

By The Newsroom
Friday, 1st December 2017, 4:18 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 10:55 pm
Should Article 50 be revoked?
Should Article 50 be revoked?

We have a weak divided Government unable to formulate a realistic relationship with our EU partners, faced by an unconvincing Labour opposition with no clear policy on Brexit.The implications of Britain leaving the EU were never spelt out clearly by either side of the argument, and it is becoming more evident that the golden uplands promised by Leave are never likely to materialise. Some of the results of Brexit are already visible – stalled investment, planned relocation of two important regulatory bodies, an orchestra moving to Belgium, plus the continued uncertainty surrounding scientific co-operation, increased customs procedures and doubts about air travel. Despite months of negotiations, we seem no nearer to settling the question of expatriate EU and British citizens, and no solution for the important question of the Irish border has even been proposed.We have developed a representative democracy which may be flawed, but it is superior to the blunt instrument of an imperfectly devised referendum in deciding on the complex issues resulting from 40 years of legislation. Parliamentarians of all parties should now have the courage to revoke Article 50 before this Brexit madness damages the country further.Keith Alfordvia email

sportJanuary sales shopping listHopefully North End have come out of their bad run now we have got some players back from injury.What transfers are needed? I believe we have a very good squad but have been unlucky with the long-term injuries to key players, so I think we only need three good signings.The first is a defensive midfielder to help or cover for Ben Pearson.Secondly, we need a target man as we don’t know if Hugill will stay. I hope he does stay but, even if he does, we haven’t got a same-for-same replacement. A third player should be a goalscorer to get us into the play-offs. With Maguire out for the season and the moving on of big Simon, Beckford, May and possibly Doyle, a player in that department is needed.That is my shopping list in the January sales. Crossypnevia email

nostalgiaI worked at Starkie’sI saw with interest your photo of ‘Starkie’s Corner’ on Lancaster Road/Church Street, Preston (LP Looking Back, November 22).I have many memories of Starkie’s Outfitters as I was employed there as a sales assistant from 1962 until 1964. My name at the time was Dillon. I can still remember most of the staff names from that time. The shop manager was Mr Redfern who lived in Grimsargh. The other female assistants I remember were Miss Burscough (now Mrs Boase), who I still exchange Christmas cards with, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Emmett, Mrs Williams and Mrs Roe. There were also two male assistants. One was Mr Kent but unfortunately I cannot recall the other one’s name.I believe that there may have been a connection with Starkie’s Wire Works in Cotton Court, but I don’t know any details.Mrs D ChapmanPreston

nostalgiaSchoolgirl memories Seeing the picture of Starkie’s Corner brought back memories of summer 1970, when my dad took me to Starkie & Co to buy my school uniform for the start of my time (1970 to 1975) at Fulwood Secondary Modern, now Fulwood Academy. Those were the days when stuff was bought to last and that uniform fitted for quite a few years because it was bought to ‘grow into’.Susan Stainton (nee Haygarth)via email

royaltyFawning finesseI have often wondered if the fawning announcements of royal events by newsreaders, particularly BBC staff, is genuine? Their shining eyes, gushing reports, smacks more of a parody of a ‘Blackadder’ oily delivery, rather than dedicated monarchists. Or does the BBC send them to special classes to refine their obsequiousness? Republicans, such as myself, should also be excluded from the blanket congratulations given in my name by the Government and media.Denis LeeAshton

transportBe fair to cyclists

To improve life for drivers, Philip Hammond has frozen fuel duty. To help rail commuters, the Chancellor has extended discounted railcards to 30-year-olds. It could save ‘poor’ rail commuters hundreds of pounds a year. But what’s in the budget for the millions of poor people that are forced to walk or cycle everywhere? University students must be the biggest group using bicycles due to transport poverty.To be fair, shouldn’t VAT be scrapped on all bicycles and related products, especially those needed to protect life, for example, head-cams and lights?Allan RamsayRadcliffe