Readers' letters - November 13

Think global and act local '“ say no to plan

Like Lancashire’s Fylde, Cumbria’s Solway Plain has been divided up into several potential fracking licences. In addition, we all live on the same planet, so what happens in one ‘local’ environment often has major impacts on those who live many miles away.

In fact, tremors from the 2011 earthquakes triggered by Cuadrilla’s Preese Hall-1 fracking well were felt all the way up in Cumbria.

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“Think global, act local” has been used in the context of environmental challenges for some time, to urge people to consider the health of the planet and to take action in their own communities. In this era of climate breakdown, it is more necessary than ever to take an interest in what is happening elsewhere.

Hence my concern at Cuadrilla’s fracking site on Preston New Road. Such concern has been increased by Cuadrilla’s application to change its planning permissions as regards movements of the HGVs and tankers needed for fracking operations.

They are not allowed to move such vehicles between the hours of 6.30pm and 7.30am. But they are now seeking a change to allow for movements during the night and early morning. What they want is permission for up to nine ‘single convoy’ deliveries or removals, related to four separate fracking-related operations! According to a Cuadrilla spokesman, each convoy would not ‘usually be expected’ to involve more than 30 vehicles at a time!

There could potentially be a huge amount of night-time noise disturbance. In addition, there would also be increased air pollution from high levels of diesel.

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Fracking is responsible for releasing huge amounts of greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming and increased risks of flooding.

Councils and residents have until November 14 to make written objections to Lancashire County Council. These should be sent to the Developments Management Group at County Hall. LCC’s Planning Committee will consider the issue on December 13. Visit: on-a-variation-to- cuadrillas-planning- permission/

I hope Lancashire’s residents will object in huge numbers, and also contact their parish, borough and countycouncillors to tell them to oppose Cuadrilla’s plans, before it is too late.

Allan Todd



My trip down memory lane

I wonder if your readers can help me?

I lived in Lancaster from 1948 to 1955, while I attended what was then the Friends’ School.

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I left Lancaster in 1955 to work in Manchester though my parents continued to live in the city until they died during the 1960s.

My daughter has asked me to write a memoir of my early life.

I have, for example, a copy of History of the Friends’ School, Lancaster, by RHS Randles, which was published in 1982, but there are a number of things that I am having difficulty finding.

For example:

1. School uniform.

Does anybody have pictures of pupils from that period in the uniform of that period – red striped black blazer, school cap, jersey with red and black stripe around the neck, etc?

What was the name of the school’s official supplier?

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2. Photographs of the school in the period 1948-1950 (pre-extensions) or 1951-1957 (post-extensions).

For example, the view from the schoolyard. In the book by RHS, there was a photo of the school library – does anybody have access to that photo?

3. Photographs of events associated with the school in the period 1948-1955.

I have a photo from the Lancaster Guardian taken after the Speech Day 1948. It has somehow survived, but unfortunately it will not reproduce.

Similarly, I have a photo of the First XV dated 1952-53.

4. James Dodds Drummond.

Did an obituary appear to mark his passing?

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There was a song about him in Scouting circles which opened: “There was a man of Scouting fame /And Bulldog Drummond was his name /A mighty man was Jimmy boy ...” and then my memory fades. Does anybody have a better memory than I?

If any reader has photos, I would like to borrow them with a view to copying at least some to illustrate the memoir and show my daughter something of life at that time.

David Coleman

Email david@david


Community rail proposal

It’s good to read about a new government scheme which will help give a much needed boost to under-used stations and rail lines across Lancashire.

The Community Rail Strategy will help local communities bid for cash to adopt under-used stations and rail lines, with millions of pounds of investment available for successful schemes.

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Nearly 60 partnerships have been set up around the country since 1993, and have helped to revive and reshape more than 80 routes and stations, thanks to volunteers, community engagement and funding from the government and train operators.

Whilst most of our local stations here in Chorley are very well used, a new updated rail strategy will help give a much-needed boost to volunteer rail enthusiasts in areas of Lancashire, breathing new life into railway lines and stations. After a consultation, the scheme should launch next spring and I would encourage community groups to find out more and get involved.

Peter Malpas



Visiting resort of ‘Morecombe’

Further to JP Alan Sandham’s letter regarding the incorrect spelling of Morecambe (LP Letters, November 8). I recently took a trip on a train to Norwich from a company based in Carnforth.

As usual, the train company provided its passengers with an itinerary which did vary on the return journey.

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However, both out and return routes had the train passing ‘Morecombe (sic)South Junction’.

And this from a company who are based just a few miles away from Morecambe, and indeed, according to the itinerary, just five minutes by train from the said (incorrectly!) junction. Shame on the train company.

I am also due to travel with them to another city, this time based in the South West of England.

No doubt, if they get the spelling of my intended venue incorrect, they will be expecting me to take along my swimming trunks to, ahem, Bathe (which, of course I could do, Roman or otherwise!).

A Train Buff(er)

via email