Readers' letters - Monday, November 28

We will miss our dear friend Tom

Monday, 28th November 2016, 5:03 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 4:43 pm
Coun Yakub Patel and Coun Tom Davies

We are all very sad to learn about the shocking news about Tom (Coun Tom Davies).

Pictured, right, is a photo taken during The Preston Guild 2012. I told Tom I always wanted to be a part of this type of ceremony and, without any hesitation, he guided me so I could join him in the parade.

We worked together for over four years whilst in the environmental committee. He was one of the few who used to call me by my real name, and with a very sweet pronunciation, Yakub.

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Away from the council chamber and politics, Tom was a good human being with a pleasant personality. I will miss his ‘grim gesture’ he used to do at times during the meetings.

Tom will be misse as a dear friend. My condolences to all his family members. May God rest his soul and bless him with his mercy. (Amen).

Coun Yakub Patel

Preston City Council

Zip-up and use all lanes

Your correspondent John Freck is wrong on every count about inside lane only traffic queueing (LEP November 23).

His idea produces miles of unnecessary congestion.

As he admits, never mind the Highway Code, his etiquette of how he imagines a queue should work is not to be questioned....unbelievable! The technique to adopt is merge in turn, otherwise known as zip-up.

There is absolutely no need for a long queue on inside lane only when the outer lane is free.

Use ALL lanes and then zip-up after the lights/obstruction. The queue in each lane should be of roughly equal length.

This technique is well used in many foreign nations and works far better than this stupid adherence to inside lane only. Sometimes, if inside lane only is used, it is not even possible to see the obstruction and so any out-of-towner has no idea what’s going on NOR does he have any idea of which lane will eventually go anywhere.

The self-righteous attitude of those who intentionally obstruct two lanes in order to preserve the honour of queueing are misguided contrary idiots. Use all lanes. That’s why they’ve been laid out like that.

As an aside, zip-up is a great help to NO precedence new Fishergate too, even though there is only one lane.

Wake up Preston drivers.

Nigel Taylor


Saving lives with 43p drug

I read with great concern the news that thousands of women are missing out on cheap drugs that could prevent their breast cancer from spreading – when it becomes incurable – because it is unclear which health body should pay for them.

A breast cancer diagnosis can be devastating for patients and their families. If there are drugs out there that can prevent women dying from this dreadful disease, they must be made routinely available.

These drugs – called bisphosphonates – cost on average just 43p per day, and if given to all women who could benefit, one in ten breast cancer deaths could be prevented.

It simply doesn’t make sense that lives are being lost over this confusion over funding.

That’s why I’m backing Breast Cancer Now’s #43paday campaign, calling on my MP to urge the Health Secretary to clarify who is responsible for funding these drugs and ensure clear guidance is issued, as soon as possible. I would encourage others to join me and add their support by visiting:

Joanne Bradshaw

via email

I was in photo of school team

I write in relation to the Looking Back picture of St Cuthbert Mayne’s school team (LEP November 23).

I’m fourth from left on the back row (see picture inset).

The parents of Steve Kenyon, middle bottom, attended all the games and recorded the results and scorers. If I remember rightly they used to supply half-time brews with a drop of rum in...

Back row, left to right, are: Shaun Kellet, Stuart Gahan, Ken Slater, Darren West (captain), Mick Colclough, David Todd, John Mills and Simon Watson.

Front row : Damien Ward, Matthew Brownrigg, Paul Worthington, Steve Kenyon, Damien Callagher, Tony Slater and Simon Hutchinson.

Darren West

via email

Make mobiles useless in cars

No matter what people

say or do, no one will stop drivers using their phones.

Drivers will continue to use them because the chance of being caught is virtually nil.

Why is this?

The answer is simple.

Too few police and, human nature being like it is, people think “I will do it anyway”.

Why don’t car manufacturers put something into all new cars that would make a mobile phone useless?

In this modern age it is not rocket science.

The hardest thing to do today is to get people to stop using phones whilst driving.

Mr M Allen

Address supplied