Readers' letters - May 27

Pay and have it taken away
Prime Minister David Cameron makes a speech on Europe. See lettersPrime Minister David Cameron makes a speech on Europe. See letters
Prime Minister David Cameron makes a speech on Europe. See letters

There has been no mention by Mr Cameron of the most important matter in this EU debate –our loss of freedom – because he does not have the answer.

We have in this country over 1,000 years of democracy, far more than any other country in the world. There are those in the EU who would take it from us.

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Germany has been trying to build a European empire for over 100 years, fighting in two world wars with devastating losses worldwide.

They are now doing much better through the EU, with about 30 countries under their control.

We are the second largest financial contributor after Germany to the EU budget and have one of the strongest economies in Europe, so why should we fear leaving the EU?

They have more to lose than we have, hence all the hype and unreasonable propaganda we are receiving from Brussels.

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Winston Churchill said there are lies, damn lies and statistics. We seem to be getting all of these in full measure from the ‘stay in’ lobby.

It was reported last autumn that we had received a directive from the EU to build more houses and take more immigrants, planning restrictions were relaxed, and now thousands of houses are being built on this once green and pleasant land.

Far more it would seem than will be required by the natural increase in our native population.

Those who vote for an EU empire are traitors to the millions who died in two world wars and to the generation to come whose inheritance is being taken away from them.

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Theo Waigel, former German Finance Minister, said Germany is the biggest and most powerful economic member state and will be the leader of Europe, whether you like it or not.

Helmut Kohl, the German politician, said: “When we have built the house of Europe, the future will belong to Germany.”

You cannot buy freedom and democracy, but surely it is the height of foolishness to pay £55m per day to have it taken from you.

J. W. Leach, Haighton

Holidays cost more already

At Easy Jet HQ, David Cameron said if we leave the EU, holidays would cost more!

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Well, does the PM not know that the British have to pay more than the Germans and French for holidays to Spain. This has never been challenged.

Even holidays in the UK costs more in June, July, and August, and we wonder why parents take children out of school in term time.

This is my last item regarding the referendum so remember this when you vote: We will always buy Audis, BMWs and Mercedes, and why not, they are quality. As is Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Minis – and the Germans own them!

Bernadette Hughes, Bamber Bridge

Birthday event cost us nothing

R Kimble (LEP Letters, May 21) states that in a time of austerity he finds the Queen’s 90th birthday concert at Windsor offensive and how much did it cost the British taxpayer?

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It cost us nothing as it was sponsored by large companies such as Jaguar Land Rover and Waitrose.

In addition, the extra money raised is going to the Queen’s favourite charities.

Simmer down R Kimble, it didn’t cost you a penny.

Jayne Bennett, address supplied

Remain in and keep Cameron?

Why does Jeremy Corbyn want us to stay in Europe? Why would any self-respecting Labour supporter vote to remain in the EU, thereby helping Cameron stay as Prime Minister?

Hugh Rogers, address supplied

My fracking prediction

I don’t tend to think of myself as psychic but I have an overwhelming prediction that fracking will be given the go-ahead in Lancashire, not just in Yorkshire.

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It doesn’t matter how many people are against it (after all, how many unpopular housing applications get the go-ahead?), how much the Government preaches about ‘localism’, or whether it is possibly unsafe or if it will be harmful to the countryside. None of this matters.

Ultimately, it boils down to this – what is more important: health and the environment or profits and money (or to use the euphemism, the economy)?

Now, my gut instinct is health and the environment, but I’m not a politician, I’m not in Government and my views matter for very little in this world of ours. So what do MPs and big companies think is more important? Well, what do you think? And that is why it will go ahead, whatever the cost. Profits is the name of our state ‘religion’ and it is ‘blasphemous’ to think otherwise.

Jane, Lancashire

Come and join the Dolly Mops

Through your extensive readership, I am hoping to make contact with a special person.

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I’m looking for someone with time to spare who is willing to give that time to a great cause as a volunteer member of our entertainment group.

We need someone special with patience, a great sense of humour and loads of enthusiasm to become our second sound man. We are looking for someone, probably a retired person, who is available for some afternoons to help us continue to deliver our particular style of fun entertainment for care homes and other clubs or groups.

The Dolly Mops’ entertainment group is based in Tarleton and entertains in about a 20-mile radius.

We require a volunteer to assist our excellent sound man in setting up and managing computer music, microphones, mixer deck and speakers for our group of 12 people. Experience is not essential for the person willing to learn.

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It is a rewarding, fulfilling job which we all enjoy and, through your paper, we are hoping to find someone with the same level of dedication as the rest of us.

For further details, contact Dave Jones on 01772 812845.

Dave Jones, Tarleton