Readers' letters - March 6

End this '˜tyranny of false information'

I was interested to read the letter by John Wright, of the South Ribble Liberal Democrats, and would ask him to show some political correctness or, more accurately, correctness in a political context (LP Letters, February 23).

I found Mr Wright’s letter to be insulting to the majority of people who voted for Brexit.

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He ineloquently describes the “tyranny of the majority”, yet, in his comments, skims over what I would describe as the “tyranny of the minority”.

I will let his words describe that notion and I quote, “In a real democracy, people have the right to disagree with the majority, to continue to fight for what they believe in and stick to their principles”.

Nice sentiments but what does that mean in practice?

Quite simply the minority continue to badger the majority because, in your opinion, they have made the wrong decision and you will only be satisfied when your minority view is taken on board. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Then Wright has a go at columnist Chris Moncrieff for either “having a short memory or is bad at maths” over the actual votes cast at the Referendum. He goes on to justify this by saying that “Leave won by the most narrow of margins”. No, they didn’t. The narrowest of margins is just ONE, but the margin ran into millions.

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Then you state that this represented only “37 per cent of those eligible to vote”, omitting to mention that the Remain share was even less than that. But how you can state that “Many who could have voted – like EU nationals resident in the UK – were excluded from the vote” just beggars belief. The simple fact is that ‘the many who could have voted’ were actually excluded from the vote. They could NOT have voted because they were not entitled to vote. Those were the rules and you, as a democrat, should abide by those rules, even if you disagree. It’s almost like you including those aged 16 and 17 years in your interpretation of those who could have voted because you may think they should be entitled to vote, but the rules say otherwise.

So, for the sake of a mature democracy, let’s have an end to this tyranny of false information.

Neil Swindlehurst

Walmer Bridge


Utter shambles of hold-ups in city

Well, the continuing lack of coordination of traffic works around Preston just beggars belief.

We’ve had to put up with what seems to be endless roadworks with lights, causing no end of tailbacks for years around Fulwood and surrounds.

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Another day of trying to achieve the impossible, getting from Fulwood to Longridge.

Do the authorities not have a remote clue as to what is caused when there is one set of lights causing chaos?

Obviously not, so the solution? Set up another on Longridge Road so making it an absolute farce to get from A to B.

Eastway (pictured) was gridlocked, so no route via Haighton there, Red Scar was backed up beyond the motorway junction, so down the motorway to Tickled Trout junction...back up to Broughton and on to Whittingham Lane.

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Final destination reached in over an hour and a half, normally 15 minutes.

Coming back down the dreaded Brabiner Lane (which was similar to an A road!) and on to Walton Park which took 20 minutes.

So the question has to be asked.

Why on earth are the lights on at rush hour?

The routes are passable without men working there.

Surely it would make sense to complete one set before starting another.

I’m just waiting for the M6 to close and, bingo, what an utter shambles it all is.

Fulwood commuter


People don’t come first on Tag Lane

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There are headlines about the traffic jams on Eastway caused by the new roundabout. They don’t mention the traffic hold-up on Tag Lane.

We had three months of new traffic lights and road works in 2016, and now there will be road works in December 2016 until May 2017, right outside our homes.

At least the traffic on Eastway is not outside anyone’s houses.

Lancashire County Council and Preston Council do not care.

I saw a sign saying “Welcome to Lancashire where people come first”.

That isn’t true.


via email


‘Police hands are tied at protests’

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The events on Preston New Road, recently reported in the local press, were quite deplorable.

The travelling protesters brought disgrace upon themselves and on the well-meaning (if sadly misguided) demonstrators who actually live in the immediate area.

The police are in a difficult situation.

Their job is to maintain order, but they find their hands are tied when it comes to dealing with such behaviour.

Not many years ago, the then Home Secretary firmly denied the use of water cannon against rioters in London, so presumably would now still hold a similar position.

What is to be done?

‘A local resident’


Why has my quote increased so much?

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I have lived in my present home since 1964 and insured the buildings via my building society each year.

Imagine my shock when this year my insurance quote increased from £262 plus to £540 plus.

When I queried this, I was told the property was in a flood risk area.

In 53 years, I have never experienced flooding, although Savick Brook runs along the bottom of my very long garden.

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The environmental Flood Agency map does show ‘blue’, indicating flood risk.

However, I believe Savick Brook now flows into the Ribble Canal Link and there are locks in place which presumably control water levels.

Also there is a massive overflow catchment area in the Highgate Wood area and that proved its worth in the heavy downpours in December 2015.

So, can someone explain why there is such a big hike in the building’s insurance and why properties not previously in a flood risk area are now designated as such?

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This will have a bearing on insurance for properties bordering Savick Brook, such as Mill Lane, Seymour Road, Ansdell Grove, Squires Gate Road and so on.

I wonder if all insurance providers have increased their quotes to this extent or is it another way to boost their profits?

I do hope someone can clarify this.

Puzzled householder

Lytham Road area

health service

I’ve had the best of care from staff

Re: NHS staff are UK’s sickest (LP February 28).Does anyone praise our hospital nurses and doctors?

I myself have been attending orthopaedic clinic for over seven years and have had the best of care by nurses and doctors. I admit that I have had to sit in A&E a long time, but there are so many people attending these clinics. I myself cannot praise our NHS staff enough.

P Botham