Readers' letters - March 4

We're not communists, we just want a fairer society

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 3:42 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:07 am
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

I am becoming extremely tired of the Press and other parts of the establishment attacking Jeremy Corbyn.

It seems today anyone who does not display an upper middle-class image is not to be taken seriously.

Immediately after the Second World War, the British people had no difficulty in rejecting Winston Churchill and choosing Clement Attlee, who was in no way a “personality”, yet during his premiership we saw the birth of the NHS, the nationalisation of coal, steel and railways and a society that looked after its weaker members. I would argue that he was, without doubt, the best peacetime Prime Minister this country has ever had. In the 1960s, I was an active member of the Labour Party. Initially I welcomed Tony Blair becoming leader but, after some two years, I threw my membership card into the dustbin.

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Under his leadership, I saw the Labour Party gradually become a sort of Lib Dem party part two. Over many years, his influence led to the election of a large number of MPs who seemed to have no concept of socialism.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected, I immediately rejoined and clearly a great number of Labour supporters joined. I thought we were on a roll but unfortunately most of the media and the “Blairite” Labour MPs are determined to fight the return of the party to a socialist programme.

I have a great deal of faith in Corbyn and I think a considerable number of these right-wing Labour MPs may face the prospect of de-selection in the not too distant future. True Labour Party members are not dangerous communists, but honest supporters who want to change a society which only seems to support the very rich.

Rick Sumner

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Corbyn has clear policies

Leftie Guardian columnist Owen Jones has been at it again, calling for Jeremy Corbyn to step down.

He lays out all the pros and cons regarding the Labour leader and then he concludes with a mighty swipe of his pen that Corbyn is failing in the polls because he doesn’t have a coherent strategy. Has it not occurred to Jones that he is part of the problem? He is amplifying the narrative that Corbyn “just isn’t up to the job” – which is sadly becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As for Corbyn “not having a coherent strategy”, they are just empty words.

He is clear on his political views and does not hide behind spin like most other politicians. He wants to increase taxes on the richest to help improve our public services and increase social mobility, stop the crippling austerity measures that are hurting the most needy and move the world away from nuclear armament.

Is that clear enough for you, Mr Jones? By saying Corbyn isn’t the right man enough, even lefties will start believing it. In fact some already have.

He may not win the next election, the odds are against it, but let’s focus on his policies for now rather than trying to undermine his leadership.


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Check for obstacles first

I recently read an article in the LP whereby Lancashire County Council had submitted plans for the proposed Penwortham bypass from Howick Cross to the Broadoak roundabout, near the Brown Hare public house and Booths supermarket, to their own planning department for approval (LP February 6).

Bearing in mind the considerable delays that have happened over the 
last couple of years involving the widening of the existing approach roads to Broadoak roundabout, I do hope that LCC has scoured the proposed route for things such as pub beer gardens and pylons, as presumably, they would not want any more embarrassing delays!

We live in hope.

A bemused Leyland resident