Readers' letters - March 29

I want to switch this puerile '˜art' drivel off

Everything is going to be alright in neon lights on the Harris, as part of an exhibition by artist Martin Creed
Everything is going to be alright in neon lights on the Harris, as part of an exhibition by artist Martin Creed

April Fool’s Day is almost upon us again.

It seems Harris Art Gallery is a little previous in its celebration.

Its current exhibition is Turner Prize winner Martin Creed and his pinnacle of artistic achievement –Work no.227, The Lights Going On and Off.

Turner, one of our most enigmatic and accomplished artists in the past 200 years, must be spinning like a top in his grave, that this puerile, pretentious drivel is being displayed in his name.

I trust Mr Creed will be performing the switch flick in person.

I’d hate the Harris to be accused of flicking plagiarism.

When we are closing libraries under the auspices of austerity, who in the name of all that’s holy authorised the use of scarce Preston ratepayers’ cash to fund this pathetic hogwash?

I’m amazed that people actually go to view the work – curiosity? Visitors have even been seen to photograph the light switch.

My pet moggy, after several visits to the litter tray, has composed a stunning montage of cat poo.

She will reluctantly allow the Harris to display her work for a modest sum.

It took a small boy to declare “the Emperor has no clothes”. Bring him on.

Pete Hanslip

Lostock Hall

Pictured, The Harris showcases Martin Creed’s Everything is going to be alright. A reader criticises another of Creed’s exhibits, The Lights Going On and Off


May I apply for free garden waste bin?

It was reported that parts of Buckshaw Village will get free garden waste collection due to various factors, including paying council tax to South Ribble Council, and historically, Chorley Council collecting their garden waste for the past few years.

On that basis, can I apply for free garden waste collection for the following reasons?

1. I pay council tax rates to three authorities, Lancashire, Chorley and Coppull Parish.

2. Coppull Parish has spent council tax payers’ cash on beautiful little ‘satellite’ gardens dotted around the village.

As I occasionally tidy up one of these gardens situated opposite my house, can I have a free garden waste bin in order to dispose of any garden waste?

3. The ‘satellite’ gardens are generally maintained by volunteers, where will they put the garden waste?

4. I have, in the past, told Coppull Parish Council that the volunteers can make use of my garden waste bins, as it is in the interests of everyone concerned to dispose safely of any garden waste.

I am willing to allow this to continue, and as such, can I be provided with a free garden waste bin for the benefit of volunteers and Coppull Parish Council?

5. There is a pavement at the end, and to the side, of my property, which houses a road sign.

Historically Chorley/Lancashire Council maintained this area but have neglected to do so for the past few years. As I try to maintain this area myself in order to keep the road sign visible to motorists, can I apply for a free garden waste bin to dispose of this waste on behalf of the council?

Mrs Owen



Make the most

of new houses

Despite the monumental efforts of a significant number of residents, the Wyre Planning Committee permitted a swathe of applications along the A6, in Bowgreave and Catterall, not to mention in the centre of Garstang. Those opposed will no doubt feel deflated whilst the victors will be elated. We all know in our heart of hearts that the Government will get its way in the end and there is nothing that will stop the march of 800 new houses over the next decade. What should be done? There is no point beating ourselves up about it.

We should put on a brave face and ensure each family receives a “Welcome to our Town” pack the day they move into their new home pointing them to our shops, services, clubs, churches and the great opportunities to be had from living in this great area.

Roger Brooks



Age versus youth

Unlike most of my fellow pensioners, I voted for remain in last year’s referendum.

Their vote as the largest sector of the electorate probably swung the vote for leave.

Now in my late 70s, the result, as with other pensioners, will not greatly affect me in the years left to us.

We are always told that the shape and future prosperity of our country will be down to upcoming youth.

These are the people who voted by a large margin to remain in the European Union.

They are the ones who will face whatever the consequences of leave throws at them.

We are constantly told there was a democratic result, ask today’s youth if they agree with that sentiment?

Denis Lee



PNE missed the cut-price boat

Just a footnote to the letters about the price of a ticket for PNE games (Lancashire Post Letters, March 28), don’t you think that the club has missed a great opportunity to get the fans into Deepdale Stadium with two home games coming up against Nottingham Forest and Bristol?

I would have liked to have seen the prices of one of these games, probably Tuesday night’s match, reduced to a £10 ticket for adults and £5 for kids.

Just a thought, Preston North End, as a thanks

for the support the club

does receive.

The Edge

via email


A very entertaining evening with Rick

Rick Astley (pictured above left) rolled back the years at his recent concert at Preston Guild Hall.

Backed by a talented five- piece backing band and two female vocalists, Rick had the sell-out crowd in the palm of his hand.

The near two-hour set included all his hits and tracks from his recent number one album, 50.

He saved his biggest selling single, Never Gonna Give You Up, for the encore which ended a very entertaining evening!

Stephen Briscoe

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