Readers' letters - March 28

How can we stop killings?

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 29th March 2016, 3:42 pm
Updated Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 8:48 am
People mourn for the victims of the bombings at the Place de la Bourse in the centre of Brussels. See main letter
People mourn for the victims of the bombings at the Place de la Bourse in the centre of Brussels. See main letter

The latest terrorist mass murder in Brussels illustrates the complete lack of combined EU cooperation in dealing with ISIL’s demonstrated threat to our Western democratic system.

This hardly encourages the UK electorate to vote to remain as members in the upcoming EU Referendum, together with no real solution to the EU absorbing the continuing mass Syrian immigration in sight.

The subsequent revelation that the two now dead Belgian Islamist killers had criminal records and were known to the Brussels police should have lead to all such existing suspected Muslims with dubious records being rounded up and required to prove they have no such affiliation with ISIS on pain of trial, before this latest outrage occurred. It is understood many of these Muslims, both Belgian and English, have been allowed to visit Syria and have then been allowed back into the EU.

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Little wonder that these ISIL sleeping networks exist and thrive throughout the EU just waiting to be energised.

Then, of course, many of the so-called deprived Syrian immigrants may already be ISIL terrorists in disguise, now successfully integrated here.

The much recently trumpeted solution by the EU that all non-genuine Syrian migrants will be returned to Turkey if they cross the Aegean Sea does not prevent the same genuine desperate immigrant access to continue from Libya to Southern Italy into the EU across the Mediterranean, as continuing to be organised by the criminal gangs.

Unfortunately the EU membership damage has already been done and the suspension of the Shengan Open Borders Agreement, still not even yet agreed by the EU (which the UK has thankfully never been part), has not prevented an increase in our own immigrant population, the true extent of which our Government refuses to declare.

This high level of terrorist threat seems set to continue throughout the EU into the future, until this Middle East disintegration improves, but it is thanks to the hard work of our UK police and security forces which has protected this country so far and should continue, whether we vote to leave the EU or remain.

E J Tilley, Chorley

Report these calls to ICO

Re: the letter about automated phone calls (LEP March 11).

David, regarding the automated phone calls you are receiving (PPI etc), you should be reporting these to the office of ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.

A lot of people are bombarded with unwanted automated telephone calls but do not report them – just moan about them.

I myself get these calls – some have 10 numbers, some more than 10. Anything up to 10 numbers – I believe BT can stop them.

Anything over 10, BT cannot stop them – they are scam numbers, done deliberately so they cannot be traced.

It could be somebody trying to find out information with you.

I do not press any number they give, but if you check the number out after the automated phone call, then send it to ICO.

Sometimes, the BT answer machine will tell you “the number you have dialled has not been recognised”. Hang up, it is a scam number. I think I am correct in saying that, should your GP or hospital phone you, there is always a number to phone back by pressing 1471.

V. McEvoy, Preston

Resignation not down to cuts

I doubt Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation is down to welfare cuts on disability claimants. He’s a typical Tory and thrives on attacking benefit claimants. It’s to embarrass Cameron, a pro EU in vote, when IDS is pro out vote.

G Ellison via email

MPs squabbling like children

Before this great country becomes the subject of ridicule worldwide, through the behaviour and mismanagement of our current Government, “let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty” and do now what we should have done in February. With just over 90 days to go before the referendum on who will rule Britain, why has Parliament not been dissolved?

This is surely the most important issue for everybody on the future of our country since the Second World War.

All other business can be continued after the referendum. All political differences – and parties – should be abandoned and replaced by two groups consisting of: 1) Those who want to leave the EU.

2) Those who want to remain in the EU.

Full and comprehensive discussions could then be organised for all the 45 million ‘voters’ – or at least those interested enough to find out more before voting . Unless Parliament is dissolved immediately, the outcome will be determined by the politicians – not the people! If we vote to leave all negotiations with the EU, it must be conducted by a “leave” representative.

There will be blood on the floor of the House if we continue to squabble like children.

Harvey Carter via email

Trying to trace family members

Could you please help me in tracing family members who live in the Preston area by placing details of them in your paper?

It is an unusual request I know, but I would be most grateful indeed if you could help in this way.

The family in question is called Moon.

My aunt Winifred O’Brien married a chap called Duncan Moon, who both are now deceased, leaving two children – a boy and a girl. These are the two cousins I would like to trace if possible.

Also her brother Laurence O’Brien , who was born in Preston on February 15, 1921, and died December 13, 1969.

If there are any known relatives, it would be great to hear from them, and they can contact me at my address.

Thank you for your patience and if you can help in this way I would be most grateful.

Mr Chris Allen, 93 Oaks Drive, Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire, NN10 8EY