Readers' letters - March 15

Switch off fog lights in normal weather

Friday, 16th March 2018, 1:36 pm
Updated Friday, 16th March 2018, 2:40 pm
Switch off fog lights in normal weather says a reader

There are many drivers who, each winter, cause fellow road users inconvenience whilst not achieving any benefit for themselves.

It is those who use their fog lights (mainly front but also rear) in normal weather conditions.

They cannot see any better, their fellow road users are dazzled and their own brake lights may be undetectable.

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Not only is this practice stupid and inconsiderate, it is also illegal:

Rule 226 of the Highway Code requires us to use dipped headlights when visibility is no more than 100m. We can use fog lights but MUST switch off when visibility improves.

Rule 236 states we MUST NOT use fog lights except where visibility is seriously reduced.

We MUST switch them off when visibility improves.

There is a potential that these people could be charged with Lack of consideration for other road users, Careless or even Dangerous driving.

Those of your readers who are guilty – please stop.

It isn’t clever and you are a nuisance.

Mike Livesey



Could you help provide a room?

Red Rose Recovery (RRR) is a recovery infrastructure organisation that supports individuals who have experienced substance misuse.

RRR underpins and supports the Lancashire User Forum, which is made up and led by service users, supported by their friends, families, Red Rose Recovery workers, local treatment providers and businesses.

The forum is held once a month and gives the service users a platform where their voice can be heard and how they think ‘recovery’ should be accessible and what is best practice.

Through action and attraction, it has now become the largest user forum in the UK that regularly attracts interest on a national level from a diverse range of individuals and services.

Red Rose also sets up projects for volunteers to get involved with and delivers training, employment and education.

Unfortunately, we have lost our location for weekly access groups and supervisions as of the end of this month and we are yet to find a new space.

Would any readers or businesses have any available rooms for five hours a week, preferably on a Tuesday, where we could facilitate our access groups and supervisions?

Jack Barnes

Volunteer Co-ordinator

If anyone can help, please ring the Lancashire Post on 01772 554537 or email [email protected] and we will pass your details on.


An animal loving nation

I read with interest a really good letter regarding halal meat in last Saturday’s Evening Post (LP Letters, March 10).

Well done Marjorie for standing up for animal rights.

We are a Christian country and animal loving nation and don’t believe in causing unnecessary cruelty to animals.

The practice of not stunning an animal before cutting its throat needs to be stopped (halal).

Come on people, let’s start sticking up for our rights and traditions and start supporting Lancashire County Council in its bid to ban non-stunned halal meat from our local schools.

Lilian Bradley



Spend tax on fixing potholes

Dear Highways, can you please inspect the road surface on the A586 in St Michael’s on Wyre?

There are large holes, particularly on the bridge.

Heavy vehicles are hitting the holes at speed, shaking the foundations of the bridge and surrounding properties.

A poor patch-up job has made matters worse. Please spend some of my council tax to fix it! Can we also have a weight limit on the bridge please? Many thanks.

Jason Gilliat

St Michael’s


Back to the drawing board

The architect that designed Preston market should go and work in it for a week like all the stall holders. They deserve medals for working in this cold place, while the architect will be sat in a warm office. He wants to go back to the drawing board, he’ll see he has forgotten to put a top on it.

Mrs Doreen Flynn

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