Readers' letters - March 13

Society's problems caused by Labour

Contributor Mike Turner (LP Letters March 7) and the other usual suspects, Messrs McCann and Ashton, have recently trod the well-worn path of laying all the country’s woes at the door of the evil Tories.

Every Labour Government in the past 50 years has had to leave office with the country on the verge of bankruptcy, leaving the incoming Tory administration to pick up the pieces.

The last Labour shambles just the latest example.

Health minister Liam Byrne left a note on his desk – “No money left” – on leaving his office. His leader, the devious, fork-tongued Blair, promised to “rub the noses of the right in diversity” to satisfy his own warped vanity.

He then proceeded to fling open the doors and allow three million (and rising) unchecked immigrants into the country, wrecking many communities’ social fabric.

This sudden influx has understandably left housing, education and health amenities on the verge of breakdown.

Chaos was caused by a hopeless financial and social engineering Labour experiment, leaving the incoming Tories to take an undeserved kicking.

M Turner then invites us to think of the impending disaster a ‘tiny majority’ (1.7 million?) has incurred by voting to leave that other social / economic disaster – the EU.

He says “if you want the privileges of, say, a golf club membership, why should the other members give you those privileges for nothing?”

Could I ask Mr Turner, would he join a club where he had to pay the membership subscription of 85 per cent of the other members?

Where the club committee has been unable to submit their annual accounts for 18 years due to alleged fraud and corruption? Where 70 suggestions put forward to improve the club’s performance have been summarily rejected, despite you being the club’s second largest financial benefactor?

Mr Turner really should stop looking through the wrong end of his telescope for a better view.

Pete Hanslip

Lostock Hall


Budget was a

big let-down

The main component in the Tories’ Spring Budget was the lack of judgement as the new grey man of front line Tory politics delivered a blow that stunned the self-employed, by stating he would be increasing their National Insurance contributions.

He is clearly breaking an election pledge from 2014

to bolster the self-employed by no more increases in ‘N.I.Cs!’

What is more shameless from this post-Osborne era is the blatant way Hammond shattered more pledges, made in 2015, to end austerity that hurt so many ordinary working people.

He has ignored his predecessors by warning there will be more cuts to come.

What about Brexit?

It hardly got a mention. Hammond’s Budget virtually ignored this main cause of economic uncertainty facing Britain.

He put £2bn into social care to ease the pressure on the NHS that alone will not solve the crisis facing many of our councils struggling with funding!

After the chancellor’s flimsy response towards the NHS, we are left thinking the Government just don’t give a damn!

By ignoring his predecessors’ pledges, with a warning there will be more cuts to come, his budget lacks credibility.

While for 2017 economic forecasts have not been as bad as first thought, the economist’s official forecasts for 2018 to 2020 are worse.

More than four million self-employed workers in the UK have been let down, alongside patients, hospitals and the whole of our NHS structure.

With only £5.9m across five years to secure the NHS against insurance tax rises, Hammond still repeats

the debunked claim that

the Government is giving

the NHS £10bn above inflation!

Another £325m of capital is being issued to begin the ‘transformation plans’ in the NHS.

These Sustainability and Transformation Plans are clearly sparking interest as they appear to be yet another smokescreen to cut budgets from our ever dwindling health service.

Not a budget of hope for hospitals, NHS and patients – and those who are let down.

Promises, promises!

Marjorie Nye

Address supplied


Railway guards

are undervalued

I write in response to Northern Rail’s proposed introduction of Driver Only Operation (DOO).

The following are some of the questions to which I feel rail passengers deserve answers (from Northern Rail or Her Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate).

Who will assist the many wheelchair users to board and exit trains?

If the driver has to assist, trains will be delayed.

If the driver is taken ill, who will be present to arrange emergency service cover?

Many railway workers are qualified in first aid and they do a speedy and excellent job when passengers are taken ill, who will do this?

Many station platforms are on a curve, how can the driver see a train from the cab to ensure all doors are clear of users?

How can a driver see all doors in foggy conditions?

Many new railway users are reassured by the presence of a helpful guard.

Guards provide an excellent service to many rail users, they ARE the railway and are very much undervalued.

CV Barton

Address supplied


Speed bumps

for cyclists

I read in The Times that speed bumps are to be introduced in Hyde Park, after cyclists were recorded passing pedestrians at up to 32mph. May I suggest that a similar measure should be considered for adoption in Preston’s parks, and other spaces shared by pedestrians and cyclists, such as the Guild Wheel?

I am a regular walker in Preston, and on many occasions I have been startled by rapidly moving bikes passing very close to me, their approach from

behind both unseen and unheard. Or alternatively, perhaps they could be compelled to have bells fitted.

Michael Spoors



Help give Dad a good send-off

My father Philip Davenport passed away last week.

The funeral is on Friday, March 17, at St Anthony’s Church in Cadley, Fulwood, at 12.45pm.

I am looking for friends or any Armed Forces veterans to come as he served for several years in the Royal Signals.

He was ill for a long time, since I was four years old, so I didn’t have the opportunity to know much of his background or who his friends were.

I would be grateful if you could put a notice asking for people to attend and show support and to give my father the best possible send-off.

Philip Davenport (Junior)

via email